M4 (Wyatt) Detachable Magazine Drop Test

George Gardner of GA Precision got one of these units to test drive. Later in the summer he said he had installed it and it worked good, but he had some reservations as to the integrity of the magazines. He felt that they may not be made strong enough to withstand use by police and military. After pondering this for a while the stage was set for the acid test.

Would the product stand up to a hard impact? So a test was devised with Bob Ferreira and his Bell Jet Ranger Helocopter. He took a fully loaded magazine (M-72 Ball dummies) up to 300' and drop it onto a hard packed gravel drive.

After the magazine came to rest and showed no deformation, he took it up for a second round and once again a 300' freefall. The pics attached show the mag in freefall, impact (twice), and the final outcome.

After the test, the cartridges were straightened up in the magazine and fed through a rifle with no malfunctions. So magazine integrity is spot on.

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