Stocky's® New Long Range Composite Stock (LRC™ Accublock®) - Remington 700™ - Unpainted

Please do not confuse new Long Range Composite Stock with the cheap, flimsy polypropylene stocks on off-the-shelf factory composites like the 700 SPS. These are constructed from the stiffest, most durable 40% glass filled nylon, much like your Glock frame, with our famous aluminum Accublock® molded right into the stock from the start.

Available for the Remington 700, long or short action, factory sporters or heavy barrels.

Recent Feedback:
"We also checked out Stocky’s impressive Long Range composite stocks. Very strong, and very rigid, these stocks feature a CNC-milled aluminum bedding block. These are a stunning value for just $199.99."
- Daily Bulletin

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Stocky's AccuBlocks



The new Long Range Composite Stock is is the result of two years of research and development that was designed to accomplish several goals. First, we wanted to combine the best modern stock designs in the world into one “ultimate” model that would not only have the most inherent accuracy available, but also have the high comb needed to clear big scopes while still able to remove the bolt from the receiver. We also required the LRC™ to be durable, comfortable to shoot, easy to control and flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of barrels from hunting-weight sporters through the heaviest varminters. We accomplish this barrel interchangeability though the use of our patented forend inserts (pictured below # 2.2, 2.3). The stock may be used with either the narrow or wide insert, or without the insert at all. Although they do add stiffness to the forend when installed, the forend is plenty stiff without it. Therefore little outside of cosmetics and some dust proofing is accomplished by their use in this particular model. Your preference will be the guide here, bear in mind the more free float the faster your barrel will cool.

Please do not confuse new Long Range Composite Stock with the cheap, flimsy polypropylene stocks on off-the-shelf factory composites like the 700 SPS. These are constructed from the stiffest, most durable 40% fiberglass filled composite we could find, much like your Glock frame, with our famous aluminum Accublock® molded right into the stock from the start.

Cutting Edge Composite - not plastic: The composite material we use can easily be sanded, machined, modified, baked in an oven and otherwise finished as good or better than an epoxy based stock. We will be offering them not only in the base composite material as shown here, but have spent a great of deal of development effort into new finishing technology that we now offer in a variety of solid and spiderweb colors as well as camo and other patterns.

For these stocks we have developed a new KickSoft™ recoil pad. Our new pad is of a medium firmness, when shooting magnums it won’t collapse or make a firm shoulder hold shaky like a softer pad, nor is it as hard as some others that do little to absorb recoil. We think you’ll like it a lot, but if you want a different pad it'll unscrew and your gunsmith can fit the alternate of your choice.

The grip cap is made from the same material as the stock and forend, a special type of 40% glass-filled composite. I can see many of our more custom-minded customers having an identical cap machined out of a small piece of aluminum stock and engraved to taste.

The forend features our distinctive "Swoop™" that is not only decorative but also serves as a functional hand stop when you're pulling the butt into the shoulder for a field shot.

These stocks don’t require bedding, however those who insist on using an epoxy bedding system in their rifles should only concern themselves with skim-bedding the aluminum AccuBlock® itself. Do not remove any of the composite material in the stock itself nor modify the block in any way.


Nominal Specs: length overall - 32"; forend width - 2"; weight 3.5 lbs.


  1. Stock
  2. Your choice of a patented:
    (2.2) Narrow Barrel Channel Insert (Sporter to Magnum barrels) OR
    (2.3) Wide Barrel Channel Insert (Magnum to Varmint barrels)
  3. 10-32 x 5/8” Insert Screws (3)
  4. Grip Cap
  5. Grip Cap Screws (2)
  6. Stocky’s KickSoft™ Recoil Pad
  7. Recoil Pad Screws (#10 x 1” Phillips)
  8. Swivel Studs
  9. Swivel Stud Spacers
  10. (10.1) Rear Receiver Screw (10.2) Front Receiver Screws
  11. Mil Spec Floorplate Spacers

* Reference only, stocks shipped completely assembled.

US Design Patent Number D744,055

Additional Info

Additional Info

Brand Stocky's AccuBlocks
Max Barrel Contour 1.20" Straight with insert removed
Forend Width 2"
Weight 3lbs 11oz
Overall Length 32"
Length of Pull 13.5"


A truely superior stockReview by ensitue
I've had mine several weeks now the stock is very rigid and solid and shows excellent engineering from bottom to top. The external finish is fine as-is but I sanded the stock w/150 grit before I painted it with textured paint which looks great. I added one pound of bird shot to the for-end and pistol grip to reduce felt recoil, I suggest #11 shot for this. I am very pleased with this product, the best bargain stock on the market. (Posted on 2/21/2020)
Great stockReview by John
As soon as I pulled it out of the box I liked it. It's a solid well built stock that not flimsy at all. I would give a 5 star but I had to grind down one of the mounting so the trigger gaurd/bottom metal would fit flush. Other than that I really like this stock, haven't had a chance to shoot yet. But as soon as I get home it's off to the range. (Posted on 1/29/2018)
LRC700 StockReview by Glenn
I do love this stock. The ergonomics make it very comfortable for the wrist and trigger pull. It's not a terribly heavy or light stock out of the box. I'm using an AAC-SD (308) with it. It's easily just right for target or hunting as it is. I purchased this stock after having used a Magpul hunter 700 for almost six months. I like this stock much better for the overall comfort and fit to the rifle action. The Magpul did not "stick" to the rifle action at all once the action screws were just slightly loosened. With the Stocky's LRC700, it "fits" the action as if it was a custom bedding job. Very tight and very accurately. My groups definitely increased from using this stock over using the Magpul stock. I did make a few modifications to this stock after using it for some time. I added in-letting to make use of my Magpul magwell and bottom metal, I filled the vertical group with lead shot to add more weight and also filled in the for-end webbing under the barrel channel to make it more rigid (I'm just finicky about that stuff). At this point the stock is exactly where I want a stock to be for me in terms of characteristics, very stiff for-end, heavy for target use. I am giving this stock a rating of four only because I wish the for-end was slightly more rigid. I promise that the for-end is already out of the box more rigid than a Magpul hunter 700, but I like it to be very stiff and rigid to reduce bipod hop. The price is really good on this stock. Also, I finished it in a custom camo paint job with Krylon. So there is no worry about the painting it, the paint seems to be holding just fine on this material. Hope this review helps someone out towards purchasing one of these stocks. I spoke to several people over the phone at Stocky's about this stock and felt they took a lot of pride and care with their product. I will definitely buy from them again when I get additional rifles for my collection. (Posted on 1/19/2017)
This is the best stock you will find for this price.Review by Dennis
Far better than what i expected , needed a good stock for my 300 RUM . I own lots of other stocks from previous custom builds i wont call them by name but i paid a lot more money. This stock is better believe me i have fired a lot of weapons in my 20 years of military service .I WILL PURCHASE ANOTHER FOR NEXT BUILD YOU CAN NOT GO WRONG WITH THIS STOCK TRY IT YOU WILL LOVE IT. (Posted on 12/31/2016)
Unreal deals don't happen often! Review by Todd
I was skeptical at first that this stock would be filmsey and accepted the fact that some inletting may have to be done to aquire a good fit for my Sendero, man was I wrong and pleasantly surprised by the quality of this stock. I removed the barrel Channel guide that comes with the stock for a true free floated barrel and to aid in cooling. The barreled action and bottom metal bolted up nicely with no modifications needed. Save your $400 over other name brands and use your money for other items needed to shoot more! (Posted on 12/13/2016)
Best stock I've ever ownedReview by John
I bought this stock to upgrade from the plastic SPS stock and I was more than pleased with it. In fact this is by far the best stock I have ever owned. The accuracy that I have gained and recoil management from the 300 WIN MAG means i will never own another stock. If there is a down side to this stock is that it doesn't come in left handed. I am looking for my next build and I want it to be left handed and I want this stock. I hope in the future they will offer this in left handed because i will buy one immediately. (Posted on 12/12/2016)
Great stock and unbelievably excellent service Review by Doug
About a month ago I ordered one of the Stocky's unpainted long range models. I'll have to admit the stock was less than perfect it was a long action stock but the ejection port was inletted for a short action. Since I was in kinda a hurry I got out the dremel, sand paper and sanding blocks and long story short no harm done it looks like brand new. That's when I was surprised, I got a call from a nice girl at Stocky's customer service . She said They had sent me a stock that was supposed to be trashed by accident. After tellng her that I had fixed the problem and it was already doing it's job "shooting great" she said no matter Stocky's stands behind the quality of their products, so keep the old stock and she'd send me a brand new stock, WOW! It's refreshing this day and time to see this kind of customer first service. By the way Stocky's Long Range composite stock shoots great....Stocky's Stocks are the best! (Posted on 7/19/2016)
Excellent StockReview by Keelan
I spoke with a operator at Stockys and she told about their new stock. I was apprehensive until I bolted to my action and was amazed it was rock Solid with no wiggle our flex.

Today I was able to produce a 1/2 MOA group without having to glass bed the action. I was using match ammo and a bench, but the stock delivered the accuracy I was looking for at a great price.

There is one problem. If you are looking to switch the trigger guard (bottom metal) you will not be able to use the Oberndorf. It will not close securely at any point. The Traditional and Tactical Trigger Assemblies will work fine with this stock.

I highly suggest this stock to anyone looking to improve a factory Remington 700 or squeeze a little more out of it.

(Keelan, I don't know who's Oberndorf you were using but our in-house steel Oberndorf floor plate assembly fits fine - I just tried it. Thanks for the review! - Stocky)
(Posted on 5/1/2016)
best buyReview by Lynn
I have spent three times as much and have not gotten a stock that was that much better. (Posted on 4/18/2016)
Amazing features for the priceReview by Tyler
So here's the deal: I have huge hands and have always had problems getting my wrist turned down enough to make traditional stocks comfortable to manipulate. I've wanted to try a vertical grip stock for some time, and after a LOT of web surfing and ear pulling, I decided to give this stock a try. To be honest, I picked this one because of the price tag and features, thinking if I liked the vert grip, I'd go more top of the line next time. That opinion has changed entirely. The stock is rock solid, the action fits the Accublock like a glove, and Stocky's recoil pad is probably the best pad I've ever used, beating Limbsaver and Pachmyer easily. I mounted it on a Rem 700 .300 win mag, it floats the barrel nicely without too much gap, the vert grip has solved my huge hands problem completely, and accuracy has improved from .9@100 to .7@100. I'm ordering three more very soon, I love it that much. Buy one, you'll be glad you did. (Posted on 3/11/2016)
Stellar Stock ValueReview by Longunner
For me this stock fits and feels better than my Bell & Carlson M40 or my H-S Precision Sendero palm swell stock. The vertical grip is identical to the top dollar Manners stock giving me a straight back trigger pull. At the range this weekend I shot a 2/10ths inch group at 100 yards with my 22 CHeetah. I only grouped 4/10ths with my 308 so I'm buying another Stockys Long Range Composite S/A stock to make it a pair. Best upgrade stock for the money on the market. Pull the trigger on one and you'll be glad you did. Great job Stocky's ! (Posted on 3/7/2016)
Worth every cent!!!!!!!!Review by charles
This is a NICE solid stock! I was expecting a light weight "cheap" stock for the price. Stocky's delivered a robust high quality stock that has a bit of weight to it and is VERY solid and stiff! This will make an EXCELLENT precision shooter and you just can't beat the style and especially the price! A GREAT deal and worth every cent!!!!!! (Posted on 2/9/2016)

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