Stocky's® Long Range Composite Sporter (LRC-Sporter Accublock®) - Remington 700™ - Premium Finishes

The LRC™ Sporter is a fast-handling and compact classic style stock. It also weighs about 25% less than its sister models!

Please do not confuse new Long Range Composite Stocks with the cheap, flimsy polypropylene stocks on off-the-shelf factory composites like the 700 SPS. These are constructed from a proprietary, custom blended, high-fiber composite to create the stiffest, most durable unit we could make with acceptable weight, and our famous aluminum Accublock® chassis is molded right into the stock from the start.

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Stocky's AccuBlocks



Please do not confuse new Long Range Composite Stocks with the cheap, flimsy polypropylene stocks on off-the-shelf factory composites like the 700 SPS. These are constructed from a proprietary, custom blended, high-fiber composite to create the stiffest, most durable unit we could make with acceptable weight, and our famous aluminum Accublock® chassis is molded right into the stock from the start.

LRC™ Sporter Accublock®

The LRC™ Sporter is a familiar classic style stock. It also weighs about 25% less than its sister models. We achieve this weight reduction not only with a more compact design, but also in leiu of the removable forend inserts we thickened the side walls along the inside barrel channel and added some composite reinforcement just ahead of the recoil lug. Combined with the proven, overmolded Accublock® chassis and I'm sure you'll agree its a winning combination at a very reasonable price.

For these stocks we have developed a new SoftKick™ recoil pad as well. Of a medium firmness, it is styled for comfort and will stay in the pocket of your shoulder for quick follow-up shots. When shooting magnums it won’t collapse or make a firm shoulder hold shaky like a softer pad, nor is it as hard as some others that do little to absorb recoil. We think you’ll like it a lot, but if you want a different pad it'll unscrew and your gunsmith can fit the alternate of your choice.

Stocky's take: CAD engineered just as our other LRC™ models, this unit took us almost 2 years of R&D to perfect, but perfect it we did. The tolerances  we have learned to hold on complex shapes with our LRC™ technology, on all of our models, is nothing short of amazing. You may have noticed they just keep getting better and better... But we had to pull out all the stops with the LRC™ Sporter requiring breakthrough after breakthrough to achieve it, all due to its very sexy - yet completely functional curves. It's not just a stock, it's a sculpture!

Standard sporter and magnum 700's will drop right in dead-square center. (Varmint barrels won't fit,) The floorplate inlet is fitted even closer and tighter for great classic looks as well. The grip cap is made from the same material as the stock and forend, a special blend of fiberglass-filled composites. Rather than the screw attachment of the previous two stocks, the cap on the LRC™ Sporter is permanantly epoxied in place.

As per our standard practice, new takedown screws of the correct length are included in the box.

LRC™ Sporter Accublock® for Remington 700 rifles.It came about because we needed a lightning-fast, classic style stock for low mounted scopes and even iron sights. I'd call it an "improved CDL." This is the one you want to take into that dark timber to dig out a holed-up bull or buck. If there's a faster handling stock available for a rifle you will be hard=pressed to find it. The pad is styled to quickly find the pocket of your shoulder, and the slight expansion under the barrel taper gives your left hand a natural wedge to pull it into your shoulder and hold it there under recoil. Unlike its sister models, we added a finely textured surface to the mold so dipped finishes have a bit of added non-slip gripability as well. The textured spiderwebs add the most effective layer of non-slip handling and is something to consider for extreme conditions.

At about 2 3/4 lbs, perhaps the ideal weight for an all-around hunting stock, you won't mind carrying it either. The recoil will be noticibly softer than a factory SPS stock. It sports the exact same AccuBlock® as the M50™ and LRC™ so you are assured getting all the accuracy your rifle has to offer.

These stocks don’t require bedding, however those who insist on using an epoxy bedding system in their rifles should only concern themselves with skim-bedding the aluminum AccuBlock® itself. Do not remove any of the composite material in the stock itself nor modify the block in any way.


A lot of time and effort went into developing the best topcoats for our stocks and we have finally developed the perfect finish. It's as tough or tougher than anything in the business. I'd bet on tougher, especially when it comes to webs, as they are chemically formulated to permanently bond with the composite material.

LRC™ Sporter Accublock® stock for Remington 700 riflesWe are offering these stocks in a vairety of textured finish spider web colors and several hydro-dip finishes. 

Premium Hydrographics:

  • Kryptek Banshee
  • Kryptek Highlander
  • Kryptek Typhoon

Premium Textures

  • Olive with Black Web
  • Tan with Black Web
  • Black with Gray Web
Plus a very cool Flat Smooth Black.

Please note: The black listed on this page is a finished smooth black. 

  • Length Overall - 31"
  • Length Of Pull - 13.5” 
  • Forend width - 1.6" 
  • Weight - 2.85 lbs. 

Construction: T6061 billet aluminum, CNC machined and injection overmolded with a proprietary formula of 43% fiberglass-filled composite.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Brand Stocky's AccuBlocks
Max Barrel Contour No
Forend Width 1.59"
Weight 2 lbs 14 oz
Overall Length 31"
Length of Pull 13.5"


Awesome stockReview by Paul
This stock was a perfect fit for my rem 700 bdl. Only reason for the 4 stars instead of 5 was the rock hard recoil pad. Stock is alittle heavier than i expected but with a full aluminum bedding block and quality composite material it should make for a very accurate rifle. (Posted on 11/30/2022)
Great stock.Review by Brian P.
I just received this stock and was impressed with the quality. It is a very rigid stock, and the clearance on my barrel was quite generous. There is zero chance of the forend ever touching the barrel. I would have gladly given this stock five stars, but the recoil pad is as hard as a rock! Overall I’m very happy with this purchase. (Posted on 6/15/2020)
Second Install on Rem 700 SPS Tactical Review by James
20 minute install with minimal stock work. Contrary to popular belief this stock DOES fit (nicely) the Remington 700 SPS Tactical and its bbl. configuration. However, minor barrel channel relief is needed to "free float" the barrel from the stock channel. I used an appropriate OD deep well 3/8 drive socket and crocus cloth and about five minutes of elbow effort chasing the barrel channel! I did not need the hardware sent with the new stock. This was my second install on like-type rifle (.308 and now .223). For a 199.97 shipped with coupon black Friday deal this is game on. The OD Green with black web is a nice looking stock, with minimal texture (as compared to a HS Precision) as is this stock (Strata) which looks fantastic and really handles well - compared to the Hogue stock that was OEM. Curious to see how well it takes everyday wear and tear MT varmint shoots. (Posted on 12/5/2019)
Works on SPS Tactical with minor modification ...Review by James
Installed on my Remington 700 SPS tactical in .308 Winchester. This replaced the OEM Hogue stock. I had to ever so slightly modify the bbl. channel of this stock by lightly sanding with a series of deep well sockets of varied sizes wrapped with an abrasive to open the bbl. channel (15mm to 17 MM and finally 18 mm nearer the action) and crocus cloth. This mod took approximately 20 minutes start to finish and removed minimal material to enable me to "free float" the bbl. I can now use a business card to check for proper bbl. to stock clearance. My groups have closed considerably as well. Happy camper! (Posted on 11/26/2019)
Fit is goodReview by Corey
I bought this stock when i converted my REM 7mm mag to a BDL. The fit was good, no modifications were needed at all and the stock looked good. With the accublock and the correct torque applied the bolt feeding is much smoother and does not bind up like the cheap ADL stock when you tried to tighten down the screws on the stock. Over all the stock is a good buy, rifle shoots about the same so no improvement really on that but it already shot sub MOA. The 4 star rating is because the recoil pad is too stiff and needs to be improved on. I also bought the bottom metal for my BDL from Stockys. the fit was good and so was the finish. I did need to use the washers but the only thing i did not like is they did not offer the internal mag for the BDL with it, since the ADL internal mag is not the same. Hopefully they will correct that. I have 2 more short action REM ADL's that may get conversions but i will wait to see if the recoil pad is changed up not saying that will keep me from getting another (Posted on 4/24/2019)
Nice stock Review by Charles buckhunter
I love the stock only reson gave it a 4 the butt pad is very stiff I love the feel of the stock with the web very good grip I'll be replacing the butt pad then it will be a 5 star (Posted on 10/24/2018)
Don't know why I waited! Review by AZ shooter
Fit and finish is awesome, I was really worried they might be a straight import, no QC junk. HA! Couldn’t be more incorrect. Only flaw was a tiny (really tiny) bit of spatter paint in the barrel channel easily removed with my finger nail. The way the action sits in here it is clearly held to very tight tolerances. a thing of beauty and precision. Very well wrapped for shipment. Heavy (solid, might be better description) compared to standard SPS plastic stock! 1/8” around barrel the whole length. Stock has kind of a ‘ping’ to it and big milled out aluminum block for super precise fit up. Balance point is a bit different, a bit more centered than standard crappy SPS stock which is really all barrel weight out front. Felt foreign when I first shouldered it but after a couple hours I can't remember how it used to feel because the new LRC feel so natural. I might try a carbon one next time because carrying this up a mountain won’t be any easier than wood! That weight will make shooting this 270 feel like a 223 though I bet! Came with new correct length action screws, thank God. I did have to install it a second time, following the Stocky's instructions because first time action seemed a little rattley. Re-installed with rifle tipped up about 45 degrees and torqued to spec, rattle is gone. Feels like rifle and stock are one now. Same basic shape and length as Black SPS. Little different swell right in front of magazine but it feels good in the hand. Splatter paint finish seems grippy enough for all conditions, not too rough as I read about the finish on one carbon example. Recoil pad is pretty stiff though. Might be torture with 7mm rem or 300 Win. I will be looking into different pad I suspect after range day, which is not unusual or a big deal. For $200 I’m very, very happy. Really glad I didn't choose a more "Tupperware" feeling alternative from a big box outdoor store. Guess I’ll find a slightly wider sling and keep this old girl a few more seasons! Great upgrade. (Posted on 8/28/2018)

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