Stocky's® Long Range Carbon Fiber M50™ Remington 700™

This is designed as a long-range target / tactical stock that's light and handy enough for hunting.

Hand lay-ups of premium carbon fiber cloth are resin-impregnated and molded one-at-a-time by American military veterans, the inletting carefully machined like the more expensive stocks then finished in your choice of textured colors to produce some of the stiffest, most durable lightweight Remington 700 stocks on the market today.

The proprietary design of our M50 is a very sculptured, ergonomic stock with a slightly wider forend than the VG2. If you're an M40 fan, we think you'll really, really like it. But since it is entirely new, the moniker "M40" did not capture the literally hundreds of man-hours we spent tweaking things - so say hello to the new M50!


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Short Action BDL-Varmint/ Tactical-Black Sky
Short Action BDL-Varmint/ Tactical-Hunter Green
Short Action BDL-Varmint/ Tactical-Desert Tan
Short Action BDL-M24/Proof Sendero-Black Sky
Short Action BDL-M24/Proof Sendero-Charcoal Gray
Short Action BDL-M24/Proof Sendero-Hunter Green
Short Action BDL-M24/Proof Sendero-Desert Tan
Long Action BDL-Factory Sporter-Desert Tan
Short Action M5-Varmint/ Tactical-Black Sky
Short Action M5-Varmint/ Tactical-Charcoal Gray
Short Action M5-Varmint/ Tactical-Hunter Green
Short Action M5-M24/Proof Sendero-Charcoal Gray
Long Action M5-Factory Sporter-Black Sky
Long Action M5-Factory Sporter-Charcoal Gray
Long Action M5-Varmint/ Tactical-Black Sky
Long Action M5-Varmint/ Tactical-Charcoal Gray
Long Action M5-Varmint/ Tactical-Desert Tan
Long Action M5-Varmint/ Tactical-Hunter Green
Long Action M5-Varmint/ Tactical-Midnight Forest
Long Action M5-M24/Proof Sendero-Charcoal Gray
Long Action M5-M24/Proof Sendero-Desert Tan
Right Hand Short Action BDL-Varmint/ Tactical-Ridgeline Camo
Right Hand Short Action BDL-M24/Proof Sendero-Ridgeline Camo
Right Hand Short Action BDL-Varmint/ Tactical-Brown Widow
Right Hand Short Action BDL-M24/Proof Sendero-Brown Widow
Right Hand Long Action M5-M24/Proof Sendero-Brown Widow
Short Action BDL-Factory Sporter-Desert Tan
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Hand lay-ups of premium carbon fiber cloth are resin-impregnated and molded one-at-a-time by American military veterans, the inletting carefully machined like the more expensive stocks then finished in your choice of textured colors to produce some of the stiffest, most durable lightweight Remington 700 stocks on the market today.

The proprietary design of our M50 is a very ergonomic stock, sculptured for the palm and thumb, with a slightly wider forend than the VG2. You may recall the 3D printed prototype we displayed at SHOT 2016 got a ton of attention, we took input from many of our top shooters and gunsmiths, tortured our own engineers as well as Matt and Dave at AG Composites for solid models and prototypes that incorporated your suggestions until we got it exactly right. The depth of the sweep behind the palm, the thumb-grove at the front of the cheekrest, the distance from the grip to the trigger, the butt itself - all were prototyped and adjusted until we achieved that elusive eureka! moment. We fit a Pachmayr Decelerator XL by hand (we also tried several different pads) for the finest recoil reduction available today.

If you're an M40 fan, we think you'll really, really like it. But since it is entirely new, the moniker "M40" did not capture the literally hundreds of man-hours we spent in R&D - so say hello to the new M50!

It combines many of the best features we have seen on the market with some very sensible improvements you've been asking for. For example, we have retained the palm-swell on our vertical grip designs, but swept the grip angle back a bit for those that seek precise trigger control with a more traditional hold. The grip, while not quite as tall as our VG stock(s), has more than enough room for all your digits. 

Note to custom builders - we fit the heel of the butt pad to taper downward, therefore matching the taper of the buttstock from the grip from a side view - but the user can easily sand it horizontal (flat) to the bottom-flat of the buttstock heel (the bottom of the stock itself is flat.) We considered both looks - making the determination that the way we ship it should leave you the ability to customize it for yourself should you be so inclined. Hunters seem to prefer it the way we ship it - sanding the bottom of the pad horizontal creates a more tactical look. IMHO, both look great - but we wanted to leave you as many options as possible to create the most successful build for your customers' tastes.

The forend is medium-wide (2") ahead of our distinctive forend Swoop™.  We left the forend relatively long in keeping with our other stocks in the Long Range series, ideal for barrels between 24" and 28", though any standard-length barrel from 20" on up will work fine.

The M50 comes to you with pillars installed, features the same hand-fitted Pachmayr® Decelerator XL recoil pad as the VG2, 2 swivel studs up front for sling / bipod use. The M50 is available in sporter, varmint and our exclusive Proof Research / M24 barrel channel inlets. Please note that the barrel channel can be ordered in the correct taper, or you can get one of the narrower tapers and custom-fit to your barrel up to and including M24, medium and heavy Palma tapers.

Although we do recommend epoxy bedding on all of our carbon fiber stocks, the stock is also designed to be a "drop-in" and can be used by simply bolting in your barreled action, factory bottom metal or any of our M4-size triggerguard / magazine systems.

Three of our most popular magazine systems are appropriate for use in addition to the standard factory floorplate that came with your BDL and SPS rifles:

  1. The standard M4 hinged floorplate;
  2. Wyatt's DetMag (Detach Magazine) M4;
  3. H-S Precision's Pro-Series Detachable Magazine System (minor fitting could be necessary)

Nominal Specifications:

  • Weight: 30-32 oz
  • Drop At Comb: 1/2" (highest comb possible on any stock without requiring an unsightly bolt-cut in the cheekrest)
  • L.O.P.: 13.5"
  • Overall Length: 32.25"
  • Forend Width: 2"
  • Barrel Inlet: Sporter to M24

These stocks are ideal for Proof Research Carbon Fiber barrels and are appropriate for any and all extreme outdoor hunting and shooting activities.

You may ask “Why carbon fiber over fiberglass”?

When purchasing our 100% carbon fiber products you have passed from the “Ford” and “Cadillac” level and into the “Ferrari” level.

Well, there is a reason why engineers in NASA, the fighter jet and race car industry use carbon fiber, they trust lives with it. This is why carbon fiber is the material of choice for industries where compromise is not an option.

Carbon fiber is roughly 10 times the tensile strength and more than three times the stiffness of steel. The superior strength to weight ratio far exceeds that of any metal. It’s resistance to heat and stretching during high-speed maneuvers ensures the survival of astronauts and race-car drivers alike. 30% of all carbon fiber is used in the aerospace industry and the military is a major user of carbon fiber too. From planes to missiles to protective helmets and different weapon systems, the strength and weight reduction helps many different industries.

When you use carbon fiber components on weapon systems you enhance its capabilities, bottom-line. Don’t settle for anything else. The components produced by AG Composites will endure through the toughest of conditions. Lighter weight, heat resistant, and durable makes it the ideal option.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Brand Stocky's
Max Barrel Contour Full Bull 1.25" Straight
Forend Width 2"
Weight 30-32 oz
Overall Length 32.25"
Length of Pull 13.5"


This stock really suprised me!Review by Trevor F.
I'll start by saying that the stock arrived and had some shipping damage. The team at Stocky's really went above and beyond to offer me a replacement in a timely manner. I chose to keep the stock due to the issue being cosmetic only. A+ customer service.

I decided to bed the rifle, and was amazed how precise the work is for this stock. Other than the recoil lug, the bedding compound is an even .5 mm thick through the rest of the action. If I were to buy another, i would just bed the recoil lug because the rest of the stock fits like a glove. Seriously incredible for a stock at this price.

The stock is incredibly rigid for being so light. there is no play whatsoever in the action or the foregrip.

I wasnt sure if I'd like the contour of the M50, but it fits me really well, The comb height is perfect for me. Also, the texture on the stock is awesome. it somehow grips as if it were rubber without being rubber; its hard to explain.

I would highly recommend this stock. for me its above some of the 600$+ stocks that I have worked with. (Posted on 4/23/2019)
Stocky's Delivers Another WinnerReview by James T.
I have to admit, being a somewhat new design plunging down $500 to take a chance on it required a little courage. However Stocky's support tech was extremely helpful in my selection (I was choosing between this one or Stocky's VG2 that they could ship right now, and waiting the 4-6 months from another manufacturer), she explained to me that if for some reason I didn't like it out of the box, I could send it back and pick the other so I took the plunge.

Man, am I glad I did! After I carefully unwrapped their protective packaging and put it up to my shoulder I was impressed to say the least - everything they were telling me was spot on. It weighed 32 ounces, the cheek seemed plenty high for my 50mm scope, trigger control looked to be excellent based on the natural placement of my hand on the palmswell. It is an extremely stiff stock like a stock is supposed to be.

After a couple weeks of waiting for my gunsmith to finish installing my new barrel (Proof Sendero) I bolted everything together - it fit like it was supposed to, even the barrel was floating the right amount - and headed to the range.

Even without bedding I was punching Sub MOA patterns all the way out to 300 yards. So I decided to bed it so I called Jessica back and had her mail me a $15 bedding kit.

Once I got it bedded the groups seemed to get even smaller. I think it's safe to say I have a sub 1/2 MOA rifle if I do my part. I doubt any other stock could do better. Lots of people shoot a small group or two and claim this, but this rifle had now proven its consistency with a variety of loads.

I'm pumped, Stocky's! You guys (and gals) have really done a great job bringing out a top-notch product with all the whistles and bells without making me wait to get it. Please do keep up the great work ...

Oh, and if you're still thinking about it like I did, wait no longer. I cannot imagine you'll be disappointed. (Posted on 11/27/2016)

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