McMillan Winchester® 70 Hunter Fiberglass Stock

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This stock is a variation of the popular Sako Hunter stock design and is modified to fit most Remington 700 type and Savage blind magazine type actions. It has the sculptured Sako type pistol grip with palm swell and a Monte Carlo type butt with some cast-off. The medium narrow forearm can be inletted for barrel contours up to about a #4 Douglas size with finished shanks of 1.5" or less. Available in true right hand and left hand versions.
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McMillan Fiberglass Stocks



This stock is a variation of our popular Sako Hunter stock but is modified for use with most Winchester type and Montana type actions. It has the sculptured Sako Hunter type pistol grip with palm swell and a Monte Carlo type buttstock with some cast-off. The medium narrow forearm can be inletted for sporting barrel contours up to about a #4 Douglas type with a shank length of 1.5" or less. It is available in right hand only.

OAL 31" Weight 1.9 lbs (30 oz.) Available in right and left hand.


McMillan stocks are available for the following Winchester models:

Pre-War Model 70:
This model differs from the newer models in that the very rear of the receiver is shaped like a clover-leaf and is often referred to as a Model 70 with a clover-leaf tang. As the name indicates, it was produced prior to World War II.

Pre-64 Model 70:
This Model 70 was produced prior to 1964 and is identified by the circular tool marks on the front bridge (where scope mounts attach). These rifles look very much like the modern Model 70 controlled-feed, however the stocks and the inletting are not interchangeable.

Model 70 Long Action: (7 5/8" on the screw centers)
All Model 70's produced after 1964 to the present day are " late" or "new" Model 70's recardless of "push feed" or "controlled feed" designation. It also includes the "XTR" of the 70's and early '80's. Rifles produced prior to the mid-1980's are all long action and .243's for example, take the same stocks as a .300 Win Mag. This includes the 70A and 670 promotional rifles. The one thing you must also pay close attention to is the floorplate (the way you unload it). These come in one of three ways: a.) ONE Piece (triggerguard is connected to the hinged part, most modern FN made rifles and older Super Grades); b.) TWO Piece (triggerguard is a separate piece from the hinge, most 70's, 80's and 90's rifles except Super Grade); and c.) BLIND Magazine (triggerguard only, no bottom hinge to unload through. Some Wal Mart and Coyote models look like they have a hinged floorplate but they do not. Please don't guess, be sure to physically check your particular triggerguard set-up.)

We carry only the stocks cut for one-piecers from McMillan because Stocky believes that as long as you are getting the best stock for your Winchester, you'll also want to get one of these beautiful new hinged triggerguard-floorplate assemblies (if you don't have one) to get the most out of it!

Model 70 Short Action (7 1/8" on the screw centers)
Prior to the mid-eighties all Model 70's were "long actions." Since then they have also made some short-action Win 70's for .308's, Short Mags, as well as the Super Short Mags in addition to the long for the larger calibers. It is important that you double check which length action you have.

Montana Rifleman:
Most Winchester stock designs can also be inletted for the Montana Rifleman series of actions. Please indicate specific model below when ordering.

Stocky's® take: These are among my favorite hunting stocks, very light weight (we can order them in 100% carbon fiber if you'd like to save even more weight) and fast handling. Choose this model if you are using a large-bell scope and would prefer the higher cheek. McMillan checkering is very precise, and unlike its competitors, is not only attractive but also very functional.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Brand McMillan Fiberglass Stocks
Overall Length 31
Weight 1.9 lbs
Length of Pull 13.5
Forend Width 1.55
Max Barrel Contour #4


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