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NEW FOLDING STOCK IN FROM MANNERS' COMPOSITES. Designed with an ultimate goal in mind, ruggedness, stability, accuracy, and ergonomics. Each one is engineered to exceed any type of abuse that you can put it through. You can depend on Tom Manner's tactical line of stocks.
SKU: MCS-T2F-700
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Manners Composite Stocks




The goal of this project was to create a lightweight, super strong folder stock, with a rock solid hinge lock up. We feel that we have got pretty close to that. The weights of the completed stocks are running from 4.5 to 4.8 lbs depending on the model. If you run a mini chassis this will bring them up to about 4.9 to 5.3 lbs. For the guys that have been by or booth at Shot Show in the past you probably had seen the prototype. After going back to the drawing board, we have created a simpler, lighter weight hinge, with the same strength and rock solid lock up as the prototype. We had a lot of different request and feedback for different forends and butt sections, so instead of deciding on just one type, we are offering four. There are basically 2 different forends and 2 different butt sections that you can pick from to make up a total of four combinations.
The hinge is a combination of high strength chromoly steel, which has been mil-spec parkarized.

The hinge is installed by actually molding /casting it into the stock shell, this means the shell wraps around the hinge, and there is no screws or attachment systems to become loose. For the hinge to fail, you would have to have a total loose of the shell structure. The hinge design itself is very simple and basic with very few parts, once closed the back portion of the hinge wraps around and locks-up the front portion of the hinge to create a very rock-solid system. The latch system for the hinge is also very basic, it is designed to be self locking and allow for a super tight steel on steel lockup through the wear life of the hinge. To open all that is needed is a push on the checkered button on the left side of the stock.

When the stock is folded it is held together by a very basic rock solid locking system. The system uses a standard flush cup on the left side of the stock. In the butt, there is a push button on the right side behind the cheek, when it is depressed; it extends the locking mechanism out the left side of the stock. It is just a simple push of the button to close the system. Once closed, the button sits about .250 below the surface of the stock so that it can not be accidentally depressed. The area around the button is also recessed to allow for use with gloves. To open all you need to do is give it another push.

Once the stock is opened this locking mechanism retracts back into the stock so there is no protrusions to get hung up. If the system ever needs to be serviced in the field, it is a simple procedure, just remove an internal clip and put a new unit in.
All stocks will come standard with an adjustable cheek, full inlet, 1 decelerator pad and pillar set. The finish on these stocks will be offered in or molded in camos, or a molded in solid color finishes, all will have the armor grip. The inlets will be for all Remington based actions ( stiller tac30/tac300/tac338 - templar short/long- surgeon 591/ rsr/xl bat vr/hr defiance short/long - and so on ), win 70, savage and a few others.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Brand Manners Composite Stocks
Overall Length 31.75
Weight 4.9 lbs
Length of Pull 13.5
Forend Width 1.97
Max Barrel Contour 1.30 straight


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