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  • NextGen UltraLite Carbon Fiber VG2™ Remington 700™ Stocks

    Stocky’s renowned VG2 Carbon Fiber stock is lighter and stronger than ever. Well under 2 lbs!

     Truly the Next Generation of carbon fiber layup - they are stronger, lighter and more precisely machined than ever before. This, the newest carbon fiber stockmaking facility in America, took us more than a year to put together but we finally accomplished it. You can be sure our new CF lineup is formulated with the best-of-the-best American Technology, indeed the world, has to offer.

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  • Stocky's® Long Range Carbon Fiber M50™ Remington 700™

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    This is designed as a long-range target / tactical stock that's light and handy enough for hunting.

    Hand lay-ups of premium carbon fiber cloth are resin-impregnated and molded one-at-a-time by American military veterans, the inletting carefully machined like the more expensive stocks then finished in your choice of textured colors to produce some of the stiffest, most durable lightweight Remington 700 stocks on the market today.

    The proprietary design of our M50 is a very sculptured, ergonomic stock with a slightly wider forend than the VG2. If you're an M40 fan, we think you'll really, really like it. But since it is entirely new, the moniker "M40" did not capture the literally hundreds of man-hours we spent tweaking things - so say hello to the new M50!


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  • Stocky's® Adjustable Carbon Fiber Long Range Target Stock (STS™) - Remington 700™

    "The stock’s wide and flat forearm held the rifle steadily on the rest, and I shot two, three-shot groups at 100 yards. The same ammunition shot groups of .58 and .57 inch, for an average of .575 inch. Those groups were by far the best the rifle has ever fired." - John Haviland, Rifle Magazine, May 2017

    That's what RifleMag reported on the fixed VG2, so here it is - the STS™ Adjustable version of Stocky's Long Range Carbon Fiber series stocks. It is very much like the VG2 (as well as the LRC Accublock®) with a slightly wider forend for extreme-range shooting along with a few very interesting new features...

    Designed for function, comfort and "bullet-proof" accuracy, the STS™ comes in various internal configurations - SA or LA, M5-DM or BDL bottom metal, Sporter, Varmint or M24 / Proof barrel inlets plus a very unique feature - a molded-in 1/4" x 20 tpi female tripod / accessory mount. It also features two sling mounts (flush cups) on the off-bolt side for carrying, pillar bedding as well as the same waterproof, textured finish. Every threaded component (studs, cups and mount) screws into an aluminum plate that is molded-in just beneath the surface - so its not coming out. Combine this with the stiffest lay-up of carbon fiber composite available and you get one tough and accurate stock.

    Did I mention it weighs only 3 pounds?

    Scroll down to the long description for an info-graphic with specific details.

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  • NextGen UltraLite Carbon Fiber VG2™ Remington 700™ Stocks and Proof Research Carbon Fiber Barrel

    Stocky's Stocks introduces new Package Deals! We're making it even easier to upgrade your rifle in one step. This package deal includes the Stocky's® NextGen UltraLite Carbon Fiber VG2™ rifle stock in long and short action in your choice of color and the Proof Research Carbon Fiber barrel blanks in your choice of calibers. 

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