Ruger Mini 14 Stocks

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  • Ruger Mini 14 / 30 Thumbhole Stocks

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    A more traditional sporter style thumbhole stock that is right at home in the woods or on the range. Features include a comfortable rollover cheek piece and a semi-flat forend for greater stability when shooting from a rest while retaking a comfortable grip for offhand and field position shooting. This exciting gunstock is a completely finished and most rifles drop-in right from the box. It comes with a durable, ding-resistant, non-reflective, no-spook, waterproof finish. Learn More


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  • Explorer Ruger Mini 14 / 30 Lightweight Classic Stock

    The Explorer is a time tested design for autoloaders. Features include a comfortable ambidextrous profile to keep your eye right in line with your scope or iron sights, a flat oval forend for good stability when shooting from a rest and excellent offhand characteristics. This drop-in gunstock is complete with rubber buttplate and a semi-gloss weather resistant finish that makes the Explorer our most economically priced completely finished drop-in gunstock. Learn More


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