Bell & Carlson Medalist Classic Riflestocks Savage® 110

Great replacement stock for Remington 700™ BDL, Winchester® 70, Weatherby® and Browning® Abolt models. As with all Medalists, Uncle Mikes™ swivel studs are included as is the beautifully fitted Pachmayr® brand Decelerator® recoil pad, arguably the best pad and studs money can buy.

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Bell & Carlson Medalist Classic Riflestocks - Remington 700™, Savage® 110, Mauser 96/98, Browning® A-Bolt, Winchester® 70 SA WSM, Weatherby® Mk V®, Vanguard®-2980 Savage 110 Long Action-42 Black w/ Red Web
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Bell & Carlson



As with all Medalists, Uncle Mikes™ swivel studs are included as is the beautifully fitted Pachmayr® brand Decelerator® recoil pad, arguably the best pad and studs money can buy.

nominal specs (by Stocky):
weight 2lbs 7oz; o.a.l. 31"; l.o.p. 13.5"

With an aluminum skeleton running not just the length of the action but from the bottom of the grip to the forend tip (the forward swivel stud actually threads into it), these are possibly the finest aluminum-bedded hunting rifle stock on the market today, and certainly the best value. Reliable over a temperature range of -50°F to + 140°F and covered by a limited lifetime warranty. Warranty card is included in the box with your purchase. Drop-in fit for most sporters, minor barrel channel or other modification may be necessary in some cases.

Stocky's® take: Most folks with Remington 700's™ are considering these, the Weatherby Style units, the Ultra-Lite Riflestocks and the H-S Precision® Pro-Series Sporter stocks when an aluminum-bedded composite is in the plan. Standard long action Remington 700™ sporters drop-in for the most part, magnum barrels and the fluted sporters must be fitted (they have a magnum taper), but that should be little effort. Not appropriate for Senderos and varminters. I'll give you the advantages of this stock and you make the call: 1. Recoil reduction is better due to the added 1/2 pound.

It's the best aluminum bedded stock on the market for L/A Brownings® and all sporting 96/98 Mausers. The 2194 Mauser 96 is for the military step barrel channel. All Winchester® 70 and short action A-Bolt owners should take a look at the Ultra-Lite Riflestocks also. The M98 stocks will only work with the sporterized Mauser actions. This stock will not work with a Mauser K98.

ATTENTION BROWNING® A-BOLT OWNERS: Please Note that some short action cartridges are chambered in long action rifles from the factory so you must measure! Long Action Fits All Known Long Action Chamberings PLUS many short action chamberings. Use the 2131 If Your Receiver Measures 7 7/8" Between Takedown Screws.

ATTENTION WINCHESTER® 70 OWNERS: Please note that Winchester® 70 stock is for the 2 piece floorplate models.  Please double check before ordering. If unsure of what you have please call us and we will glady help you.  If you have the 1pc floorplate please see the 7775 models

ATTENTION MAUSER OWNERS: These stocks will not fit the following

Hungarian, Mexican, Czechoslovakian, Argentine, Japanese or Siamese Action. VZ-24, M24-27, XK3-243, KAR 98, G33-40, VZ-33, FN-24, Mauser M27-47 (marketed by Century arms as “Mystery Mauser”, were in storage for 25 years and all markings are filed off)

Additional Info

Additional Info

Brand Bell & Carlson
Overall Length 31
Weight 2 lbs 7 oz
Length of Pull 13.5
Forend Width 1.58
Barrel Contour .625 muzzle
Max Barrel Contour can be opened to .700"


Solid investmentReview by Wayne
Been looking at synthetics for a few months to put together an all weather go anyplace '06 from an old 700 Classic I have. Was shooting groundhogs 30 years ago with an ADL 25-06 glued into a carbelite stock and have a Cooper 57 with a the excellent B&C made Jackson Hunter, so I know they make a good stock. The medalist sporter is the most attractive profile out there in my opinion, and the full length block makes it a no brainer. Im wasn't dissapointed, bolt up was right on with no tweaking, grinding or sanding . I may skim coat the receiver at some point just for peace of mind when taking it down for travel but wiith no bedding done yet, Im printing 1/2 -3/4" 100yd groups with off the shelf ammo. The olive and black web is practical and has all of the looks of a serious hunter. (Posted on 11/25/2017)
ExcellentReview by Arne
First off I'm not a fan of black stocks, that is until I bought this one. previously I shot Browning stalker and tikka T3 lite, browning in .270 win and the tikka in .300winmag, both of those stocks had a bite that had me flinching by the 3rd round. accuracy was just as bad 2.5"-3.5"@100 just doesn't give me the confidence I want. 7/1/16 I took my browning to the range with test loads, 50 rounds in two hours made me a believer in Bell&Carlson. 10 round groups in 1"/6+# trigger, 6x scope. I will definitely be buying more B&C stocks. (Posted on 7/5/2016)
Replacement A-Bolt II StockReview by Christian
this is the stock you want. It's the one with the checkering in the stock. It is not a lightweight stock, but for harder hitting cartridges - standard or magnum - you want a little weight behind that bullet. I got the olive green with black spiderwebs for my long action Browning. I love it. Everything was solid.
thanks for a great addition and upgrade to my safe! (Posted on 3/4/2016)
Rem.700 BDLReview by Markwb
Purchased to replace factory stock on Rem. BDL- 338 win. mag. Fit and finish is awesome. Tremendous improvement for the rifle. Dark Timber is a great color, better than example. Stocky's did a fantastic job with shipping etc. Extremely satisfied. (Posted on 11/3/2015)
Remington 700 BDLReview by MThunter
I replaced my factory plastic stock with this stock. After reading nothing but good things I took the plunge and ordered this stock. Fit and finish was amazing. Just by installing this stock my 30-06 went from 3/4 inch groups to 1/2 inch groups. I can not say enough good things about this company and stocks. Don't think twice buy this stock and see the difference your gun will shoot yourself. (Posted on 10/15/2015)
stock Review by Mark
I purched this stock to change out the original synthetic stock on my Mark V Weatherby , It fit like a Glove , Shot great , minor adjustments on scope settings . consistancy was Supurb . Very Satisfied. (Posted on 2/19/2015)
Available In More Models - Great ValueReview by Don
This aluminum bedded Medalist is not only accurate, it is also a great value. This is the only such stock available for Rugers, Brownings, Mausers, etc., and is an excellent upgrade or replacement stock. (Posted on 1/7/2015)

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