Stocky's Orion Scorcher Special Edition Crossbow Kits By Scorpyd - up to 440 f.p.s.

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If you've been contemplating a crossbow to take advantage of your state's extended archery season, for a silent-but-deadly tactical response weapon, or just to take your rifle shooting to the next level, this is the 'bow for you. How do I know? I've tried them myself, made the mistakes myself, and have come up with the best crossbow packages on the market today.

This is your chance to get one. A very Special Edition (we're calling it the Scorcher) of the sizzling Scorpyd that I've been using to take everything from springbok at 101 yards, non-typical record-book whitetail at 63 yards and the SCI world record African cape buffalo by shooting clean through him at 40 yards.

What makes these bows so special? As my new pet project I have purchased only 100 of them, tune them for you myself and the bundles include the matched components that get it right the first time (like spine-matched arrows and non-planing broadheads) that shoot straight all the way downrange. Farther, in fact, that I ever imagined when I first started at it. (Seriously, it's taken me years of trial-and-error, not to mention many name-brand bows in the scrap-heap, to get here.

Oh, by the way - they take standard 1911 (pistol) grips if you care to make a statement and customize yours.

Choice Of Colors - Soft-Touch Black, RealTree® Camo or Two-Tone (black with camo limbs)

Read the complete write-up by one of Safari Club International's Top 5 Crossbow Hunters for 2015 in our description ... actual experience on dozens and dozens of animals as well as on the range - not wild theory.

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Scorpyd Special Edition Crossbow Kits-Basic Package-All Camo
Scorpyd Special Edition Crossbow Kits-Basic Package-Black / Camo
Scorpyd Special Edition Crossbow Kits-Premium Package-All Camo
Scorpyd Special Edition Crossbow Kits-Premium Package-Black / Camo
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Sam "the Field Archer" reviews the various models and specifications, including our Limited Edition Scorcher, here:

Here my pal Sam "The Field Archer" Shaver tests out this package at 100 yards:

The Real Scoop On Today's Crossbows

I know what you might be thinking, why does a gun guy know anything about crossbows? Simple - I wanted a more challenging method to take big game that was not only something different, but also encompassed my passion for accurate rifles. What I discovered is that, while the rifleman has literally 200 years of trial-and-error as well as more modern theory, propellants and projectiles to draw from, Crossbows seemed to be stuck in the middle ages. There seemed to be lots of room for improvement by a dedicated and experienced accuracy "tinkerer" and experience has certainly held that to be very true. For example, after spending a lifetime working up the most accurate stocks, barrels, optics and handloads for long range rifles, you and I might just know a thing or two about working up the right combination of fletching, shaft, optics and broadheads for long range crossbows. The goal here is to separate the chaff from the grain you will see out there.

There's a lot of opinions and videos running about online regarding 100 yard targets and 400 fps+ crossbows. Don't believe them. First of all, they never shoot up to the advertised velocity, my "Ghost 410" is hard-pressed to break 390-something despite what the big, bold letters on the box say. (Remember when ammo companies did the same thing?) Secondly, high-speed crossbows rarely put hunting broadheads to the same POI as field points, nor are they as accurate unless certain steps are taken. Those YouTubes you see at 100 yards? Field points. I dare you to try to do that with a broadhead or three.

Why do you think most crossbow brands are loathe to make a real, 440 f.p.s. / 100 yard bow? The technology is certainly available.

Most conventional crossbows (as opposed to the Scorpyd reverse-limb design (see below) are impossible to get tuned correctly at these velocities, I've wasted hours and hours trying when I didn't know better. This means broadheads often plane off-target wildly, causing misses or worse, wounded animals. When I first started with the crossbow, I took all the so-called "expert" advice. All I got for my efforts was a pile of used bows, arrows and broadheads that weren't much good past 40 yards. On this page, you'll get actual experience, not wild theory or "what's cool."

Secondly, forget those advertised velocities. They are taken with extra-light arrows (bolts) and even then are rarely achieved. What I was looking for is a bow that would shoot a bit heavier bolt, say something in the 450 grain range, at over 400 fps. This not only results in far more consistent accuracy (using proper arrows, of course), but also complete pass-throughs on big animals presenting themselves at odd angles. These bows, rated the fastest-in-the-industry 440 fps with light arrows, are killing machines with our 430 grain arrows @ 430 fps or even, in special cases like buffalo and brown bears, with arrows in the 800-1000 grain range - as well as everything in between.

Included in ALL of our upgraded packages are .001" carbon arrows and the handy, top-quality new Scorpyd clip-on quiver. The arrows are literally twice the price of over-the-counter arrows and are significantly more accurate than the cheaper throw-away commercial arrows other crossbow sellers include. Additionally, the quiver we supply is the new Scorpyd $129 clip-on 4 arrow quiver, not the $30 Kwikee Quiver others include. Combined, that's even more savings off other sellers lowest pricing!

Remember, our packages are for serioushunting or tactical applications. Our goal here is you get you the extreme range accuracy you are looking for as quickly as possible, avoiding the same mistakes I (and others) have made over the years, not just to sell you at the lowest price we can cobble together, then sell you some more arrows and accessories later. Remember what I said about planing broadheads - Our packages are literally trophy-hunt-ready giving you the highest probability of a one-shot kill at long range (after a little practice) right out of the box.

For these reasons and more we strongly suggest you stick with Stocky's extensive range as well as field results for the most hassle-free experience possible. If there was a better set-up, we'd be recommending it.

Recommended Broadheads:

I've tested literally every broadhead I can find with these rigs, including both fixed and expandables. Big difference in long-range accuracy between the various models - for best results alwayschoose the shortest and narrowest available. You will also get the best results with the heavier models, although Slick Trick 100's are awesome (1 1/8" X-Bow Tricks or the 1" basic model) and have become my standard against which all others are measured. If you want to pick a broadhead and never look back, pick the standard Slick Trick 100 (not the Viper) - plus they are probably the sharpest blades on the market.

The best broad heads for 100-400 lb thin-skinned game (whitetail and antelope) out to 100 yards are:

  • Slick Tricks (fixed 100 or 125 X-Bow Trick)
  • Silver Flames (German Kinetics or Alaskan Bow hunting 100 or 125 gr. models)
  • Muzzy Trocar Hybrid Expandable

The best broadheads for 100-400 lb thick-skinned, big-bone game (mainly pigs and bears) are:

  • Excaliber 150 gr Bolt Cutters (great all-around blades, able to align with fletch)
  • Silver Flames (German Kinetics or Alaskan Bowhunting 100 or 125 gr. models)
  • Alaskan Bowhunting Maasai's

The best broadheads for big thin-skinned animals (elk, bear, kudu, etc.) are:

  • Slick Tricks (fixed 125-150 gr X-Bow Trick)
  • Excaliber 150 gr Bolt Cutters (great all-around blades, able to align with fletch)
  • Silver Flames (German Kinetics or Alaskan Bowhunting 150, 175, 180 or 200 gr. models)
  • Alaskan Bowhunting 150 to 200 gr Maasai's

The best broad heads for really big, dangerous animals (brown bear, cape buffalo) are:

  • Silver Flames (German Kinetics or Alaskan Bowhunting 180 or 200 gr. models)
  • Alaskan Bowhunting 175 or 200 gr Maasai's
  • Long-range shots at dangerous animals are unadvisable!

Bear in mind I have currently 16 Top 10 World Records in the SCI book (soon to be 17 with that beautiful #1 Alaskan bear) with a crossbow, many more that aren't even listed (like a 21 point, 400 lb northern whitetail), earned an SCI National Award in 2015 as one of the Top 5 Crossbow hunters in the world, so I have developed what I consider to be some very real preferences. This is not to meant to brag, but to prove that a lot of these retailers have little or no experience so you must take their opinions with a grain of salt!

Give me a call and I'll personally run down the list of broadheads I've tested and why they either suck or work well, like the record warthog that deflected the shot into the ground when it bounced off his grizzle plate and ran off never to be seen again. At least not by me.

Remember, when we are taking once-in-a-lifetime shots at trophy animals (or terrorists) even a single malfunction in testing or in the field is one too many even if we've had some success with them in the past. For example, lots of crossbow retailers are recommending the new Ram Cats. Great broadheads until the breeze picks up, then those long blades d-r-i-f-t, plus the blades collapse in on the shaft when striking bone as they did on my African reedbuck. The only expandables that I have found reliable on these units are the new Muzzy Trocar Hybrids. NAP, Rage, and literally all the others I've tried have issues with erratic flight characteristics, opening in flight, etc..

Big & Dangerous Game: As the game gets bigger or meaner your arrow weight has to go up. For my SCI Record Book lion I was using 400 grain shafts with 150 Slick Tricks (550 gr. TW, clock 370 fps) and achieved complete penetration twice. My cape buffalo shafts weigh 810 grains for a total of over 1000 grains with the 200 Massai's (clock 280 fps). I call them my "meat cleavers" are also what I'll be using on elephant and hippo. With these I shot clean thru a buffalo, twice. (email us for pics). I say twice because you always put a finisher in dangerous game. Give us a call if you'd like to discuss and / or call Jerry at South Shore Archery to order these specialty arrows. We stock the 180 Silver Flames and 175 Maasai broadheads! They retail $90 for a 3-pack but we will throw-in a pack for half-price if you wish to try them.

Finally - Spin all of your arrows. High-speed crossbows require precision - non-concentric broadheads can give you headaches. Arrow spinners are cheap, buy one and use it liberally!

Stocky's Scorcher (Orion) Crossbow Kits and Packages

Basic Package Includes:

  • Stocky's Scorcher SE 175# Crossbow - by Scorpyd
  • Simms SVL String Stops
  • Simms Limbsaver 1" Butt Pad
  • Scope rail
  • Sling Studs
  • Short Sled Cocker (call us for details on Accudraw crank cocking)

Tactical Scope Plus Package includes:

  • Stocky's Scorcher SE 175# Crossbow - by Scorpyd
  • Hawke 1" XB1 1.5X5 X32 IR Illuminated Scope w/ SR 100 yard reticle.
  • Scope Rings
  • Flip-Up Lens Covers
  • Simms SVL String Stops
  • Simms Limbsaver 1" Butt Pad
  • Short Sled Cocker 
  • String Stops
  • Bowjax Limb Dampers
  • Scope Rail
  • Sling Studs
  • 6 Black Eagle or Spynal Tapp.001" arrows

Premium Scope Plus Package includes:

  • Stocky's Scorcher SE 175# Crossbow - by Scorpyd
  • Hawke 30mm XB30 PRO 1.5X5 X24 IR Illuminated Scope w/ SR 100 yard reticle.
  • Scope Rings
  • Metal Flip-Up Lens Covers
  • Simms SVL String Stops
  • Simms Limbsaver 1" Butt Pad
  • Short Sled Cocker 
  • String Stops
  • Bowjax Limb Dampers
  • Scope Rail
  • Sling Studs
  • 6 Black Eagle or Spynal Tapp.001" arrows


Stocky's Scorcher - by Scorpyd

  • 175# Draw Weight, 95 lb. cocking resistance
  • Arrow speeds up to 440 fps
  • 173 lb ft KE
  • Crank-cocking not available on 175# limbs 
Special Note -There are three cocking options:
  1. Short Sled Cocker - simple, easy, quick if you are of normal strength.
  2. Long-rope sled cocker - this gives you leverage so you don't have to pull as hard, but you have to pull a longer distance. For me, the short sled that comes with it is much easier, actually.
  3. Crank Cocking AccuDraw - the drawback here is that they are noisy (see any Ten-Point bow) not only to cock but also because the things tend to rattle. The other issue is the weight of the limbs - you need to drop down to a 160# model (420 fps) to use them safely.

We can special order your crossbow with lighter limbs, all the way down to 110#, but you'll lose velocity. Call for details

The bottom line is that a normal, healthy guy should have few issues cocking our Scorcher 175# SE. Lots of guys I know use them. If you don't think you can, call us to discuss.

The Reverse Draw Technology Advantage

The Reverse Draw Technology created by Jim Kempf has innovated how crossbows should be made. Reverse Draw Technology has many advantages over traditional crossbows and other hunting tools, giving greater performance and efficiency.

Reverse Draw Technology Crossbow History

Basic crossbow design has been around for over 1000 years, with little change. Yes the industry has evolved with scopes, cams, more reliable triggers, and modern materials, but there was still one constant to achieve maximum performance: a crossbow had to have a heavy draw weight, resulting in much shock and a loud report when firing! Our patent pending short travel S.T.A.G. trigger has the industries best rated pull at less than 3#, with no creep. Add to that a built in bolt sensor that makes it nearly impossible to dry fire, and ambidextrous safety that’s easy to reach, and you have the best of the best. Scorpyd Crossbows is the inventor of Reverse Draw Technology crossbows, with numerous U.S. Patents issued and many pending.

The Advantages of Reverse Draw Crossbows

As all hunters know, speed is in the stroke. Shorter brace height bow = longer power stroke. Longer power stroke = faster arrow speed. Faster arrow speed = flatter trajectory. By reversing the riser and limb arrangement, and putting the string at the leading edge, Jim essentially eliminated all of the brace height, which maximized the power stroke. Pulling the string into the curve of the limbs instead of away from the limbs, the power stroke has dramatically increased, and so has performance.

Components of Reverse Draw Technology

  • Patent pending lock assembly utilizing MIM technology, 
    • Components include Latch, SEER, Safety, Trigger Arm, and unique Anti-dry fire mechanism, industry leading 2.5# trigger pull. 
    • All of the safety of heavier triggers, but less than 1/2 the weight. 
    • Exclusive direct mount ball bearing trigger arm, for the smoothest pull and no slop.
  • CNC engineered Cams with sealed ball bearings and stainless steel axles.
  • Barnsdale Laminated Limbs
  • Titanium Fasteners, screws will never rust
  • Fully Machined Billet limb pockets
  • Fully machined forged riser
  • Integrated arrow retainer
  • Weaver style scope rail
  • Built in rope cocking channel
  • Sling Swivels Standard
  • Premium Ambidextrous Glass filled nylon stock strength, lightweight.
  • Ambidextrous safety with stainless steel actuator
  • Exclusive center balance mount for Tripod, Bipod, or Monopod.
  • Ergonomically designed safety forearm helps prevent thumb from entering danger zone
  • Limbsavers Tiptamers
  • Exclusive FOC (Front of Cam) string technology
  • Bowjax string stoppers
  • Fully Machined FAS-TRAC barrel with hard coat anodizing, will not wear off.
  • Billet one piece cable fasteners
  • ViperX strings and Cables
  • Machined aluminum stirrup with industry first integrated quiver mount and integrated string stoppers.

Stocky's Scorcher SE 175# Crossbow - by Scorpyd

  • Patented Reverse Draw Technology
  • Kempf-Tec Trigger (PATENTED)
  • 18 1/2″ Power Stroke
  • 12 7/8″ axle to axle when cocked
  • 34 1/2″ overall length without butt pad
  • Limbsaver butt pad
  • Interchangeable 1911 style pistol grips
  • Anti-Dryfire device (PATENTED)
  • MIM Trigger components
  • Forged Riser
  • Barnsdale Laminated Limbs
  • Titanium Fasteners
  • ViperX Strings and Cables
  • Vented Barrel
  • Vented Forearm
  • Mil Spec Type III Anodize
  • Perfect Balance

Serious shooters choose Stocky's Scorcher!


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