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  • Stocky's Orion Scorcher Special Edition Crossbow Kits By Scorpyd - up to 440 f.p.s.

    If you've been contemplating a crossbow to take advantage of your state's extended archery season, for a silent-but-deadly tactical response weapon, or just to take your rifle shooting to the next level, this is the 'bow for you. How do I know? I've tried them myself, made the mistakes myself, and have come up with the best crossbow packages on the market today.

    This is your chance to get one. A very Special Edition (we're calling it the Scorcher) of the sizzling Scorpyd that I've been using to take everything from springbok at 101 yards, non-typical record-book whitetail at 63 yards and the SCI world record African cape buffalo by shooting clean through him at 40 yards.

    What makes these bows so special? As my new pet project I have purchased only 100 of them, tune them for you myself and the bundles include the matched components that get it right the first time (like spine-matched arrows and non-planing broadheads) that shoot straight all the way downrange. Farther, in fact, that I ever imagined when I first started at it. (Seriously, it's taken me years of trial-and-error, not to mention many name-brand bows in the scrap-heap, to get here.

    Oh, by the way - they take standard 1911 (pistol) grips if you care to make a statement and customize yours.

    Choice Of Colors - Soft-Touch Black, RealTree® Camo or Two-Tone (black with camo limbs)

    Read the complete write-up by one of Safari Club International's Top 5 Crossbow Hunters for 2015 in our description ... actual experience on dozens and dozens of animals as well as on the range - not wild theory.

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  • Hawke® XB30 PRO 1-5×24 SR Crossbow Scope

    As crossbows grow in acceptance, more people are exposed to Hawke® as the leader in crossbow optics. Since 2008, customers and crossbow companies alike have come to Hawke for the very best in crossbow optics.

    From a chassis specifically designed to withstand the rigors of crossbows, to reticle systems virtually guaranteed to make you a better shot, Hawke® has re-written the rules for what can be expected of crossbow optics.

    The XB30 scope makes the most of innovative reticle designs by pairing them with our vari-speed technology.

    Using the magnification as a calibration tool, shooters can achieve even 10 yard increments on virtually any bow shooting between 215 and 450 feet per second. Flexibility, innovation, and proven performance make Hawke the unquestioned industry leader in crossbow optics.

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  • Hawke XB Crossbow Scope

    Using a fixed-power chassis specifically designed to withstand the rigors of crossbows, the MAP reticle system is virtually guaranteed to make you a better shot. Available with or without illumination.

    • 11 layer fully multi-coated optics for excellent clarity
    • 1 inch mono-tube chassis for superior strength
    • Designed for speeds of 315 feet per second
    • BRC compatible, can be calculated for different fps
    • ½ MOA low profile ‘no-snag’ finger tip turrets
    • Fast focus eyepiecel


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