Rock Creek 5R Cut Rifled .308 & .224 Barrels - Sporter - Varmint - Target - Tactical

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We have put together a program with perhaps the most renouned and well-respected barrel maker in the business - Mike Rock of Rock Creek Barrels. They are designed to be installed by your gunsmith on your receiver. Available in both M24, Varmint, Magnum Sporter and Sporter weights
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Rock Creek 5R Cut Rifled .308 & .264 Barrels-Sporter .308 11.25
Rock Creek 5R Cut Rifled .308 & .264 Barrels-Varmint .224 8.0
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Stocky constantly strives to improve the performance and accuracy of your firearms, to that goal we have put together a program with perhaps the most renowned and well-respected barrel maker in the business - Mike Rock of Rock Creek Barrels. They are designed to be installed by your gunsmith on your receiver.

Our first offering are the famous M24 / M40 5R Military Specification Barrels in stainless steel that they supply for use on the world's most popular military sniper and target rifles. Initially to be offered in the nominal 0.900" M24 configuration (the M24 and the M40 are the same barreled action with the M24 being the more recent military designation), in both .308 and .264 (6.5mm) diameters. In the near future this will be expanded into an additional offering of the .264 with the Remington Sendaro / Police / Varmint taper. These three configurations (M24-.308, M24-.264 & Sendaro/Varmint-.264), represent perhaps 80% of the barrels being sold today, so naturally they come first.

The flagship of Rock Creek Barrels product line is the single point cut rifled barrel. These barrels are manufactured on twin spindle hydraulic Pratt & Whitney rifling machines and are available in 5R profiles. All barrels are hand lapped to superb interior finishes. By the very nature of the way they modified these Pratt and Whitney machines, a variety of twist rates are available. Twist, also known as rifling, imparts the spin to the bullet, a 12" rate spins the bullet once for every foot of forward travel (18,000 RPM @ 3000 fps). The faster the twist, the heavier the bullet you can theoretically shoot accurately, however every rifle is a law unit itself. As a general rule of thumb, chose the slowest twist for the bullets you intend to shoot.

One major factor that has been extensively studied is the different rifling options developed over the years by the U.S. military. The findings show that 5R rifling had the characteristics, consistency and improved accuracy that most shooters are searching for for the following reasons:

  • 5R rifling is a rifling which uses 5 lands and 5 grooves instead of the traditional 6 lands and grooves.
    • as shown in the illustration, even-groove rifling (i.e. traditional 6 groove) causes a pinching effect on the bullet as the burning powder crushes it into the throat;
    • the crushing effect creates more bullet deformation, more jacket fouling in the bore and can result in higher pressures at lower velocities;
    • conversely, 5R rifling lands are never opposite each other, therefore the transition from throat to bore is smoother and causes less deformation at lower peak pressures.
  • The sides of each land are cut at a relaxed angle versus a harsh 90 degree angle on most conventional rifling.
    • the edges of each land do not cut into and deform the bullet jacket because they are at a more gradual angle, not as sharp;
    • this reduces the tendency of the traditional, 90-degree, sharper-edged lands to score the bullet jacket for reduced bore fouling;
    • the result is also seen in improved terminal performance, with a better ability for the bullet to "mushroom" uniformly in the target with its jacket more intact;
    • the bullet jacket material (or solid copper) makes the transition into the lands more easily resulting in less deformation, truer flight means smaller groups on target.

The net results are better accuracy potential from shot to shot, more consistent terminal bullet performance (expansion) with the jacket intact and ultimately a rifle that's easier to clean.

They come to you as a tapered "barrel blank" that must be installed by a competent gunsmith. Installation includes threading it so it will screw into your action (literally any modern receiver from Winchester, FN, Ruger, Weatherby, Remington, Mauser, Browning, etc. will be fine), chambered in any appropriate cartridge (i.e. .300 AAC, 6.5 Creedmore, .260 Rem, .308 Win, .30-06, .264 Win Mag, .300 Win Mag, .300 WSM, .300 Weatherby, .300 RUM, all suitable wildcats, etc.), cut to the desired length and crowned. There are no accuracy guarantees because we do not install them nor do we have control over the receiver you are putting them on, and Stocky's does not accept returns that Rock Creek Barrels themselves has not specificaly authorized.

Needless to say we offer M24 stocks to fit from H-S Precision, McMillan and Manners. Literally any stock we carry that is cut for the slightly smaller Varmint / Sendaro barrel (Bell & Carlson Varmint / Tacticals and the Long Range Varmint Thumbhole and/or Long Range Target Laminates, for example) can be easily opened up by the barrel installer to fit perfectly.

Of course the barrels must be cut to the desired length, optionally fluted, finished and crowned as desired. They can be coated with any of the popular coatings and colors offered today, but will not accept common "bluings". Because they are low-maintenance stainless steel they can be left as-is, or a bead-blasted, brushed or polished finish is also a great choice.

.308 Barrels - 416r Stainless - Choice of 11.27" (standard M24 mil spec) twist or 10" twist

7mm (.284) Barrels - 416r Stainless - 8.7" twist

.264 Barrels - 416r Stainless - 8" twist


M24/M40 6.3 lbs 1.20" - .0900" 4" - 26" 27"
Rem Vmt 4.5 lbs 1.25" 0.940" 0.830" 3" 7" 26" 27"
Mag Sporter 3.5 lbs Factory Rem 700 Magnum Contour
Sporter 3 lbs Factory Rem 700 Sporter Contour

Gunsmith Installation Summary

  1. Cut to length;
  2. Threaded for receiver;
  3. Chambered for cartridge desired;
  4. Crowned as desired;
  5. Fluted IF desired;
  6. Coated, or otherwise finished.

Stocky's take: These are some of the best barrels on the market today, proven to be a cut above and the choice of professionals worldwide for decades. The 11.25" twist .308's are the most popular, and will stabelize up to 180 grain bullets, but some shooters prefer the standard 10" twist which will stabilize everything. The .284/8.7" and .264/8" twist barrels will stabilize the latest crop of heavier VLD match/hunting pills from Berger and also the newest low-drag tipped bullets from Nosler and Barnes. Use the M24 in the stocks we carry cut for the M24. The Varmint weight barrels are appropriate for Bell & Carlson, most H-S Precision and our laminated target / varmint stocks. The new magnum sporter and standard sporter weight barrels are perfect for literally every sporter stock we carry as very little if any fitting will be required.

They have been impossible to get due to demand. With Stocky's as their retail distributor / warehouse, I'm confident this will help smooth out the fulfillment process and help everyone to enjoy these state-of-the-art beauties.

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Additional Info

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