Proof Research® Carbon Fiber Barrels- Pre-Fit Ruger Precision™ Rifle Barrels

"Bottom line, my Ruger Precision Rifle with Proof Research Barrel is a hammer. The rifle is superbly accurate, it’s consistent at distance, and acts like a custom barrel should. It’s easily an upgrade over the factory barrel and balances the rifle out nicely. So if you want to save a few pounds, experience first class results downrange don’t worry about what the Facebook experts tell you, Carbon Fiber barrels work." - Frank Galli, Snipers Hide

"PROOF has cracked the code with high-performance carbon-fiber barrels.” - Outdoor Life Magazine

Less than half the weight of comparably-sized steel barrels. (Finished weight under 3 lbs.)

PROOF Research is proving carbon fiber-wrapped barrels aren’t just a lightweight alternative to traditional steel barrels, but that they provide superior performance, including extreme accuracy, unprecedented durability and increased barrel life. By combining our unique manufacturing process with advanced technology composite materials and thermo-mechanical design principles, we’ve accomplished what others have failed to do in the past—match-grade carbon fiber barrels that weigh a fraction of traditional steel barrels while compromising nothing. They’re not just lighter—they’re better.

They are shipped ready to be assembled onto your Ruger Precision Rifle by a qualified individual. The barrel will come pre-chambered in the specified caliber, threaded for the receiver and threaded at the muzzle for a supressor or brake. 

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Sendero .243 Win 8 Twist-24"
Sendero 6.5 Creedmoor 8 Twist-24"
Sendero .308 Win Match 10 Twist-20"
Sendero 260 Rem 8 Twist-24"
Sendero 28 Nosler 8.4 Twist-26"
Sendero 300 PRC 9 Twist-24"
Sendero 300 PRC 9 Twist-26"
Sendero 7 PRC 8 Twist -26"
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Proof Research



They are shipped ready to be assembled onto your Ruger Precision™ Rifle by a qualified individual. The barrel will come pre-chambered in the specified caliber, threaded for the receiver and threaded at the muzzle for a supressor or brake. 


This patented manufacturing process begins with full-profile, match-grade 416R stainless steel barrel blanks that are made in our firearms division. These blanks are then turned down to a significantly reduced profile greatly reducing weight. This reduced contour barrel is then filament-wrapped with high-strength, aerospace-grade carbon fibers impregnated with a high-thermal conductivity matrix resin developed by our aerospace materials division.

Carbon Wrapping Of Proof Research Barrels

The aerospace-grade carbon fiber used is 10 times stronger than stainless steel and has a specific stiffness nearly 6 times greater than steel. But strength and stiffness are only part of the equation. Heat conductivity and thermal expansion are also of paramount importance when developing a match-grade, carbon fiber barrel. Our helical wrapping pattern favors the longitudinal thermal diffusivity of the carbon fibers (along the length of the barrel) allowing them to dissipate the heat emanating from the steel liner rather than insulate it. This is achieved through phonon transport in the direction of the continuous fibers and greatly reduces the mirage effect intrinsic in heavy steel barrels.

However, because our unique bonding agent contains a high-thermal pitch fiber—similar to those proven in Formula One and aerospace applications—our barrels also conduct heat very effectively through the wall (thickness) of the barrel, greatly increasing thermal conductivity and resulting in barrels that stay cooler and maintain accuracy over longer sessions of fire.

After wrapping, barrels are cured and consolidated then ground to their final contour. The end result is an aerospace-grade, high-fiber volume fraction composite barrel with less than 1% porosity suitable for the most extreme environments and capable of shot-after-shot accuracy that will impress the most veteran hunter or precision marksmen.

Proof Research Heat Dissipation

PROOF Research’s® match-grade carbon fiber barrels are stronger, lighter, as accurate as the finest precision steel barrels and will maintain their performance in the harshest conditions. PROOF didn’t invent carbon fiber-wrapped barrels. They just perfected them.

  • Up to 64% lighter than traditional steel barrels
  • Match-grade accuracy
  • Improved heat dissipation for cooler and longer lasting barrels
  • No point-of-impact shift during high-volume fire
  • Reduced harmonic barrel vibration
  • Unprecedented durability

Ruger Precision Pre-Fit Barrel Weight

Additional Info

Additional Info

Brand Proof Research


Fantastic BarrelReview by William
Great upgrade to the RPR. At 200 yards from a bipod with factory ammo in the 6.5 CM, I am able to consistently shoot less than 0.4” groups. Before the Proof Reseach Barrel, the same setup was shooting near 1”. Stocky's was quick with the shipment, and the Barrel is a simple install with the right tools (tip: get a good armor’s wrench and Barrel vise as the Barrel nut is a bear without them). (Posted on 1/1/2018)

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