Package Deal! Stocky's® Long Range Composite Premium Finished Stock with Wyatt's M4 Det-Mag!

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Stocky's is now offering Package Deals! We're making it even easier to upgrade your rifle in one step. This package deal includes a Stocky's® Long Range Composite stock in Long or Short Action, Sporter or Varmint Barrel in a variety of finishes and your choice of a Wyatt's M4 Detachable Box Magazine Assembly. 

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What's included in this Package Deal:

Stocky's® Long Range Composite Stock for Remington 700 Long or Short Action, Varmint or Sporter Barrel in your choice of finish. 

The new Long Range Composite Stock is is the result of two years of research and development that was designed to accomplish several goals. First, we wanted to combine the best modern stock designs in the world into one “ultimate” model that would not only have the most inherent accuracy available, but also have the high comb needed to clear big scopes while still able to remove the bolt from the receiver. We also required the LRC™ to be durable, comfortable to shoot, easy to control and flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of barrels from hunting-weight sporters through the heaviest varminters. We accomplish this barrel interchangeability though the use of our patented forend inserts (pictured below # 2.2, 2.3). The stock may be used with either the narrow or wide insert, or without the insert at all. Although they do add stiffness to the forend when installed, the forend is plenty stiff without it. Therefore little outside of cosmetics and some dust proofing is accomplished by their use in this particular model. Your preference will be the guide here, bear in mind the more free float the faster your barrel will cool.

Please do not confuse new Long Range Composite Stock with the cheap, flimsy polypropylene stocks on off-the-shelf factory composites like the 700 SPS. These are constructed from the stiffest, most durable 40% fiberglass filled composite we could find, much like your Glock frame, with our famous aluminum Accublock® molded right into the stock from the start.

The composite material we use can easily be sanded, machined, modified and finished just like any composite stock. We will be offering them not only in the base composite material as shown here, but have spent a great of deal of development effort into new baked-on finishing technology that we will soon offer in a variety of solid colors as well as camo and other patterns. We have a new textured black finish online now.

For these stocks we have developed a new KickSoft™ recoil pad. Our new pad is of a medium firmness, when shooting magnums it won’t collapse or make a firm shoulder hold shaky like a softer pad, nor is it as hard as some others that do little to absorb recoil. We think you’ll like it a lot, but if you want a different pad it'll unscrew and your gunsmith can fit the alternate of your choice.

The grip cap is made from the same material as the stock and forend, a special type of 40% glass-filled composite. I can see many of our more custom-minded customers having an identical cap machined out of a small piece of aluminum stock and engraved to taste.

These stocks don’t require bedding, however those who insist on using an epoxy bedding system in their rifles should only concern themselves with skim-bedding the aluminum AccuBlock® itself. Do not remove any of the composite material in the stock itself nor modify the block in any way.

Nominal Specs: 

length overall - 32"; forend width - 2"; weight 3.5 lbs.


  1. Stock
  2. Your choice of a patented: 
    (2.2) Narrow Barrel Channel Insert (Sporter to Magnum barrels) OR
    (2.3) Wide Barrel Channel Insert (Magnum to Varmint barrels)
  3. 10-32 x 5/8” Insert Screws (3)
  4. Grip Cap
  5. Grip Cap Screws (2)
  6. Stocky’s KickSoft™ Recoil Pad
  7. Recoil Pad Screws (#10 x 1” Phillips)
  8. Swivel Studs
  9. Swivel Stud Spacers
  10. (10.1) Rear Receiver Screw (10.2) Front Receiver Screws
  11. Mil Spec Floorplate Spacers

* Reference only, stocks shipped completely assembled.

US Design Patent Number D744,055

Wyatt's Det Mag M4  Offered in 5 or 10 round assembly.

Very nice quality machined aluminum detachable magazine system (aluminum triggerguard; steel magazines) with a black powder coated finish. Significant improvement on the Remington DM for two major reasons:

  1. No side buttons so they will fit into most factory BDL stocks:*
    • no fitting on Bell & Carlson's stocks
    • minor or no fitting on Remington SPS stock
    • no fitting on H-S Precision stocks
    • no fitting on Manner's stocks
    • laminates may need minor fitting
  2. Single stack (vertical cartridge feeding) for smoother, more reliable follow up shots.
    • That is why the 5 round is taller than the staggered design of the Remington factory DM. This could be a drawback carrying a hunting rifle but is a big advantage for reliability. Also, check your local laws for any magazine capacity limits on BOLT ACTION hunting rifles. Some states limit capacity for hunting on semi-autos but not bolt guns, others may limit both so be sure to check.


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