M5 Stealth DM M24 Detachable Magazine System - Remington 700™ (Funnel or Flush Models) *New Upgraded Mil-Spec Platform* (H.P. White Tested)

NOW AVAILABLE WITH OR WITHOUT BOTTOM PORT EXTENSION - Recent H.P. While Labs / mil-spec. approved commercial release of the Short Action Remington 700 / M24 upgraded M5 Mil-Spec Detachable Magazine System for commercial distribution is now in stock, complete wth Accuracy International, MDT and/or Accurate-Mag magazines.
New! Long Action Steath takes AI and Accurate Mag single stack .300 Win & .338 Lapua (non CIP) magazines.

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Milled from 7075-T6 billet aluminum, this design brings forward the current focus to modularize weapons systems for ease of future upgrade, standardize parts and common part dimensions for interchangeability with foreseeable developments and most importantly provide the modern warrior with an improved degree of familiarity when changing weapon models and tactics in all future battlefield scenarios. To summarize, what we are seeing from our perspective is the battle-proven Remington Model 700 (military designation M40, M24) being upgraded to the reliability and handling characteristics of the M16 / AR15 platform. You'll see many more modular-sniper type accessories being released for commercial sale on our site soon.

The assembly itself is one seriously rugged unit, cnc machined and hard-coated black. The extended latch assembly looks very rugged, the latch itself could be filed down if the experienced operator determined a shorter throw is desired. I like it where it is as it is quickly able to be engaged with the trigger finger, dropping the "empty" and the AR-Type magazine funnel seems to find the fresh mag on its own and suck it right into receiver with no fear of error or misalignment. Therein lies the advantage over previous "flush-bottom" systems - one can stay more easily target-engaged during a stressful drop 'n swap reload.

For those that prefer the more traditional, flush mounted magazine port, we are now offering both versions. Funnel or no funnel they take the same magazines, and are available in both long or short action versions.

Nominal Specs (Stocky):
M5 Steath BDM mil-spec hardware - 4 oz; 7075-T6 Alloy

.223 / 5.56 NATO / 10 round double stack / centerfeed magaine - 4 oz; injection molded composite
.223 / 5.56 NATO / 10 round double stack / centerfeed magaine - STEEL A-M mags COMING SOON

.308 / 5 round double stack / centerfeed magaine - 5 oz; steel
.308 / 10 round double stack / centerfeed magazine - 8.5 oz; steel
.300 WSM / 7 round double stack / centerfeed magazine - 8.5 oz; steel

.300 Win (30-06) 5 round single stack magazine - 7.2 oz; steel
.300 Win (30-06) 10 round single stack magazine - 11.5 oz; steel
.338 Lapua (no RUMs) 5 round single stack magazine - 7.2 oz; steel

NOTE: STANDARD 700 BDLSTOCKS MUST BE FITTED TO THE "M5/BADGER DM" INLETTING FOR THIS SYSTEM, IT'S THE SAME INLETTING, TAKES THE SAME AICS-TYPE MAGAZINES, JUST AN IMPROVED DESIGN. AS WITH ANY DETACHABLE MAGAZINE SYSTEM, THE PILLAR-HEIGHT IS CRUCIAL FOR MIL-SPEC RELIABILITY, SO WE INCLUDE THE PILLARS AND THE SCREWS TO PUT IT ALL TOGETHER IF YOU ARE MODIFYING YOUR STOCK. (Of course, you can simply measure the height of your existing pillars (1.075" rear / .720" front) and adjust if required. Any adjustments should be made from the bottom of the stock as the M5 mil-spec hardware is a tad thicker than the standard 700 floorplate.)

If you are installing this in any stock that was not originally designed for the M5 inlet, such as your factory or aftermarket stock, you may be weakening it at a critical location or otherwise risk damaging the stock by installing it, only a qualified gunsmith can advise you on this. WE specifically DO NOT RECOMMEND USING THE M5 IN A BELL & CARLSON, H-S PRECISION or any aluminum bedded composite stock for that matter until the stock maker inlets them to fit.

The M5 military/police metals are significantly deeper and wider than the factory cut. This may seem obvious, but we cannot be responsible for functioning in someone else's inletting job. The person doing the stock modification (we strongly suggest using an experienced Rem 700 Tactical gunsmith that has done them before now) is solely responsible for functioning. Before purchasing for such use in a standard stock, Stocky suggests you select the M4 DM System as it is a drop-in for most BDL's, VTR's and SPS's. FYI, we carry several Manner's Composite stocks as well as McMillan Stocks that are designed and pre-cut for this metal and are highly recommended over modifying any other stock we are aware of!

Accuracy International is frequently out of magazines but I have been testing the Accurate-Mag brand also and they work great also. We use them ourselves interchangeably. Again, I highlight the fact that these are tactical, military spec conversions, therefore there is some rattle possible particularly when the magazine is empty. This is so the warfighter can crawl through the mud and sand and it will still most likely continue to function even when dirty.

Stocky's take: We now offer both versions, one with and one without the lower extension (magazine funnel) for those that have a preference. Same construction, same mags, only the bottom is different.

Note on cartridge interchangeability - When inspecting an AI-style magazine you may notice two vertical ribs stamped into each side of the magazine. The front one is designed to limit the forward travel of the loaded cartridges under recoil by contacting the front of the cartridge shoulder. This is the limiting factor on interchangeability; if the shoulder of your intended cartridge is farther forward than the base round (i.e..300 Ultra Mag in the .338 Lapua magazine) it will not fit because the case will contact the rib, preventing them from being loaded. This means the .30-06 and 7mm Rem Mag families will be fine in the .300 Win magazines, the .243 has the same shoulder location as the .308 Win, etc. Compare shoulders NOT overall length when ascertaining interchangeability.

Binder Plate Details:

  • The magazines with front binder plates are compatible with all rifles equipped with AICS-pattern bottom metal or chassis systems.  The binder plate holds the cartridges back from the front of the magazines and guides them past the bottom of the feed ramp.  The maximum cartridge overall length (COAL) that will fit in this magazine is 2.870”.
  • The magazines without front binder plates allow a maximum cartridge overall length of 2.960”.  These are compatible with all AICS-pattern bottom metal and chassis systems, but most common actions such as Remington 700 and Savage 10/11 will require modifications to the receiver (i.e. notching out the bottom of the feed ramp) to prevent the bullet tips from catching on the bottom of the feed ramp (see photo below).  DO NOT order these magazines without a full understanding of this.

Additional Info

Additional Info

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Dropped right inReview by Woodrow
Perfect fit and function on my Mcmillan A-3 stock. The magazine loads flawlessly every time. Customer service was outstanding. I will start my new build next year and I look forward to working with Stocky's again. Thanks! (Posted on 2/4/2018)
Best magazine conversion for Remington 700Review by Steven
I have a custom-built ground up Remington 700 bolt action with a McMillan A5 stock. The stock was inletting for the M5 dbm. This part is identical to the shape size fit and quality of the badger Ordnance that cost much more. The fit and finish of this part in my stock was perfect, I am extremely pleased with the product and I will be referring it to everyone I know. (Posted on 3/3/2017)
Such an extreme valueReview by Nathan
I have a few other detachable bottom metal systems on a few other rifles that are very nice, but very expensive. While doing my current build with a McMillan a5, I began looking for other options as bottom metal is one of those items that typically seems overpriced.....not this one. I placed my order based mostly on curiosity, and what I received was very impressive. Fit into stock without any modification, pillars were correct length and well made for smooth feeding and the unit is very well made....the aluminum and anodizing are very tough. After pillar and glass bedding the action as well as dbm system, mag locks in tightly, has minimal clearance and drops free with the press of the button. I will no longer be buying any other type of dbm for future builds. Functions great with magpul a.c. mags as well!! (Posted on 12/31/2016)
M5 stealth DMReview by William
The function of this product is awesome!! However on my Mcmillian A-5 I had to cut a ton of material out of it to get it to fit right!! (Posted on 11/15/2015)
Pleased!!Review by Ralph
Great price and perfect fit!!! Sturdy, great alternative to badger m5!!!! (Posted on 8/5/2015)
Excellent product,well spent money ,extreme value!!Review by Jason
I have a few different rifles and handguns ,and anyone like myself knows how expensive it is to make your equipment usable by today's standards let alone if you try and compete or are actively using your weapons in defense or combat situations ,you are going to want reliability ,that usually costs an arm and a leg ,but companies know you will pay because you need it ,so when you find a product like this ,rock solid ,no questions will take multiple types of mags ,at this price I get a huge smile on my face,this is a do it yourself project .although you can have a gunsmith do it for you ,but I mean really it's simple with a Dremel you just take a little bit of material out at a time until it fits ,watch what your doing ,it'll turn out fine , and double your capacity( at least depending on how many mags) this is definitely the working mans bottom metal. (Posted on 7/31/2015)
great part especially considering the price pointReview by William
I use this bottom metal on a few of my rifles and I yet to have a single issue with this product. When compared to the alternatives, this product is a no brainer at this price. (Posted on 2/2/2015)

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