Low Price Policy

Stocky always wants to offer you the best products in the industry at the lowest prices possible with outstanding service. If you see an identical item for sale elsewhere for less, please contact us for a price match prior to purchase. Our customers confirm to us, again and again, that the lowest price on an item ultimately reveals itself to be precisely the opposite.

One thing to bear in mind is that there are a lot of 'wannabes' and other flakes in this industry. Many will advertise an item at a price and not have it available, substitute something they claim is 'similar' or plain out attempt to stall you until they can get one from somewhere. All the while they operate on a very thin shoestring. They then go out of business holding customers' funds, never to return it. Caveat emptor - buyer beware, especially online.

We also believe in service, and we think you do too. There are no free lunches as the saying goes and there's a reason the best establishments to do business with usually offer premium service at very competitive prices, not just the lowest rock-bottom price to be found anywhere. Those safaries often turn out to be the most expensive, and we get reports every day of the horrible service someone received elsewhere. Please do not lump us into that category.

Stocky is not your average retailer.

We believe in full disclosure, if you have a chance call and speak with Stocky yourself you'll see exactly what we mean. If you are looking at the wrong stock for the purpose intended, are worried about the suitability for a particular purpose, wonder what we mean by a particular phrase or whatever, please do not hesitate to call or email.

You may have noticed we sell some stocks as scratch and dents. Other listings may itemize a defect we noticed as a reason for the discount we are offering. Much of this is because we keep a close eye on our suppliers. On arrival many stocks are inspected and current, representative samples are photographed for use in our updated listings. We have found many ADL's in BDL boxes, short actions that were supposed to be long, unfinished stocks that were invoiced finished, etc.. Every single load seems to have errors, if we were to simply go by what the box or invoice stated many customers would be getting the wrong stock. Now, go ahead and place your order with that "big box" chain retailer and see what is in the big box that you get! Once one of our shipments had a 36% reject rate, that means 36% of the customers would have good reason to be dissatisfied whether they squawked about or not.

We often drop a barreled action in to verify fit (before it's listed and to answer a "will it fit" question mostly.) Every Stocky's item is re-packed when shipped and believe me when I say that is something to insist upon; no way I'd let a stock out of here the way they the factories pack them.

Shipping is another area we take great pride in completing successfully. Check out our Shipping Page page and you'll see that our philosophy carries through the entire transaction experience, not just the sales part. If a Stocky's Stock arrives freight damaged, you have a replacement coming.

How Can You Tell a Good Retailer?

Feedback alone is not the best indicator as many customers do not know what it was supposed to look like!

We have been selling online for over 10 years. This means we have extensive experience not only in our product lines, but also in internet sales and delivery issues. We speak to many customers daily and have a ton of relevant experience. Many new and repeat customers call Stocky for ideas before their new rifles are even ordered. Try that with a large catalog retailer...

The look and feel of the website is also a good 'tell', if it looks amateur it likely is!

  • A web site is a very good indicator of the level of professionalism you can expect to deal with.
  • Do they use stock factory photos and 'generic' descriptions or do they have proprietary copy and images? (We've actually caught other sellers copying ours!)
  • How fast to they answer questions / respond to issues?
  • Can they tell you which stock to use for an A-Bolt vs. a BBR or do they have to look it up?
  • Do they have barreled actions they routinely drop into production runs to verify fit?

There are a few 'drop-shippers' out there. They have little or no on-hand inventory which means little or no first-hand experience. They cannot weigh or measure a stock for you prior to shipment, drop a magnum action in to see if any work is to be done, nor do they know if the latest crop of Applejack is burgandy or brick. Plus:

  1. They offer little or no service, that's between you and the factory;
  2. They have no inventory so you're waiting months for an exchange if necessary;
  3. They have no first-hand experience with the product and cannot offer genuine tech-support.

I've heard a rumor recently that one of our competitors buys unfinished versions and finishes themselves.

Here's Stocky's Take:

The OEM factory finishes we offer are the finest in the industry, that's why most major manufacturers use them as an OEM supplier and they are in so much demand.

  1. It is highly unlikely anyone can put a better finish on thousands of stocks per month stock than our quality factories;
  2. Often the inletting on an unfinished stock is not 100% so work may be required even though the outside has a spray on it.
  3. Situations such as this should be detailed in the listing.

So, there you have it. Just bear these things in mind when comparing, and know what you are buying from each retailer!

Yes, we may be able to shave more money off if you are willing to accept similar circumstances to the price we are beating ... but wouldn't you rather save yourself some aggrevation right from the get-go?

I can guarantee you'll get an outstanding value from an honest seller with great tech support & service after the sale. You can call to visit about your next project or the last one, or just to see what's in store for next month. Or you can simply hit "Buy It Now" and all of the above still apply.


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