Long Range Varmint (LRV™) Remington 700™ Ruger® 77 Mk II™ Savage® 10-12 /110-112 Weatherby® Vanguard® Laminated Thumbhole

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A new top-of-the-line centerfire thumbhole, Stocky's® announces the LRV - a tremendous value in premium quality laminated riflestocks. This is the one to choose if you want the best for your heavy barrel unit. Includes Fitted Pachmayr® Decelerator Recoil Pad and swivel studs.

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Ruger 77MkII LA-Coffee (Brown/Gray)-Satin
Ruger 77MkII LA-Tawny Brown (Brown/Brown)-Satin
Ruger 77MkII LA-Evergreen (Green/Gray)-Gloss
Ruger 77MkII LA-Plum (Plum/Gray)-Gloss
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The finest laminated riflestocks in the widest selection of colors available today! #1 in recoil reduction! 

A new top-of-the-line centerfire thumbhole, Stocky's® is proud to be the exclusive distributor of the LRV - a tremendous value in premium quality laminated riflestocks. Never satisfied with the status-quo, Stocky's® creates the best value in riflestocks for you guys (and gals) once again. Take a long, hard look, not only are the best and brightest colors are in our line-up, but we've added a couple more!

For a high resolution image of the stock & colors click here.

A subtle streamline, the perfect palm swell, and the addition of an extremely luxurious mirror-gloss finish on the brighter colors and no-spook matte on the others. Photos don't do them justice, especially the high gloss units. In this world full of mundane black plastic stocks they truly shine. If you are looking for a real showpiece, this'd be the one. This is the preferred model for heavier barrels due to the wider beavertail forend.

  • Cleanly inletted for factory varmint/police barrels and larger only;
  • Pressure points engineered, easily removed to free-float;
  • Ventilated forend promotes barrel cooling;
  • Fitted Pachmayr® Decelerator Recoil Pad;
  • Premium sling swivel studs,
  • Comfortable palm swell;
  • Roll-Over Cheek piece.

Best for long range work, the thumbhole stock has been widely acclaimed as the most accurate and softest-recoiling field stock on the market. It is also a very handsome stock, sporting an improved tapered thumbhole, perfectly placed palm-swell and state-of-the-art engineering. The LRV forend is wider than the sporter version, for the best stability when rested, plus vents to keep the barrel cool when the prairie dog town becons. It can be easily opened up for the heaviest barrels.

Important considerations: This is the only way these high-quality units are offered so if you do not know what these refer to please read the appropriate discussion on our Tech Support page.

  • Heavier barrels, such as 1.250" full-bulls and Remington 5R Mil. Spec. barrels are fine but will require opening of the barrel channel.
  • Savage Centerfeed RiflesAll Savage® 10/12 LRV stocks are designed for rifles with the late model 4.40" (4 3/8") takedown screw spacing, blind centerfeed magazine only. They are reported to be a drop-in fit but we always state than minor fitting may be necessary to be safe. Savage® sells a variety of triggerguards so we do not recommend altering the stock in this region, simply get a new one. (We fit the stocks to the "BVSS" guards by the way.)

Low Luster Finish:

  • Tawny Brown (Brown/Brown)
  • Granite Gray (Black/Gray)
  • Birch (Tan/Brown/Gray)
  • Timber (Olive/Brown/Gray)
  • Coffee (Brown/Gray)
  • Brandy (Dark Red/Brown/Gray)
  • Desert (Rose/Brown/Orange)

High Gloss Finish:

  • Autumn (Pumpkin/Gray)
  • Crimson (Red/Gray)
  • Hornet (Yellow/Gray)
  • Plum (Plum/Gray)
  • Cobalt Blue (Blue/Gray)
  • Safari (Green/Blue/Tan)
  • Evergreen (Green/Gray)
  • Black Rasberry(Purple/Yellow/Red)
  • Pink (Pink/Gray)

SAVAGE® Conversion Tip! If you have the late model centerfeed detachable clip, the clip itself will disassemble easily to convert your rifle to a blind magazine (just get an inexpensive part #106130 by calling Savage's parts department. Add a triggerguard to your Savage parts order and you'll be good to go.) Just did one and works great, seems Savage® likes to use common parts from rifle to rifle. Remove the plastic bottom of your clip - the side metal becomes the magazine box liner, the spring and follower drops into the blind magazine cut. Part #106130 simply holds the liner in place..

Savage® 10/110 Steel Pillar Sets (Your rifle may have come with them, take it apart and look)


Please note: Savage has recently changed their trigger guards and magazine boxes to where these stocks would not work with the newer models. 

Our savage stocks are built around what was current production, a fairly straight side mag well, with a metal follower, that is attached to the action. (see picture on left)

The new model (or revision) to savage’s that have a mag well with more shape to it. (see picture on right)

It has a metallic “bracket” to the rear of it that hold the mag well in place.

Our stocks do not fit this newest version of the blind magazine.

old savage magazine box   new savage magazine box

Additional Info

Additional Info

Brand KSA, LLC
Overall Length 32.5
Weight 3 lbs 1 oz
Length of Pull 13.5
Forend Width 2.15
Max Barrel Contour 1.25


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