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Dear Stockys,
Here is a pic of my Hart LRT accublock, the fit and finish of these stocks are incredible. The only problem that I have with it is that when I take it to the range I can hardly ever shoot it because it attracts a huge group of people around it asking questions and admiring it. This is truly a work of art. On a side note I also purchased a [Brand X] with an aluminum block, the Hart's craftmanship and fitting of their accublock blows it away. This is my third laminate that I have purchased from you and they are all so beautiful. Thank you for having such quality stocks available to the public. Keep up the good work. Stockys kicks butt.

Thank you, David Vaz

PS i added a pic of the anshultz thumbholes which I believe to be the best stock for a 10/22. Tried the [other brands], Stockys blows them away!!!

Stocky's 10/22 Stocks

Thu, Jul 21, 2011 at 2:30 PM

Dear Customer Service Representative,'s customer service has blown me away. I forgot the nice lady's name who helped me, that is why I added my confirmation number. She was polite, professional, and even went in the back to physically check if the item I wanted was in stock. After I placed my order, I immediately got a confirmation email. My stock shipped the next business day and I was happy to see that I got another email with the tracking number. This is exactly how I would run a business, which is to say StockyStocks is beyond reproach.

Today my Anschutz thumbhole Ruger 10/22 target stock came by UPS today and it is stunningly beautiful. I slid the gun into the stock and it fit like a glove. As soon as I get a check that I've been waiting on, I'm going to buy a target stock for my Remington 700 from StockyStocks. I was waiting to see the quality of this stock, and my expectations were completely exceeded.

Undoubtedly I'm going to have people drooling over this stock, and I'll have no problem recommending to them.


Todd Hoffstetter

A local customer, my friend and craftsman Dennis Bleakley loves his Ruger 10/22 Takedown rifles. But since there's no stocks for them, he gets one of ours and cuts them to fit! Here's his latest ...

Look how precisely it comes together ...

Dennis is happily retired, however he says if you want him to do one, email us and he'll consider it.

I have done business with your company on a couple of occasions and I must say that the customer service I have received from your company is EASILY some of the best I have ever experienced. Your employees have gone out of their way to secure my satisfaction in the products I buy and they have done so much MORE than expected. Times are tough, money is tight and great customer service goes ALOT further than what most people realize. I am a person that is NOT easily satisfied but I have been more than satisfied with the products I receive from your company and the individuals who take on the thrill of taking me on as a customer. I know what I want, how I want it and what I expect when I talk to someone over the phone and your employees possess the skills and knowledge that I am looking for when doing business with a company. The owner of Stockys should be VERY proud to have such an outstanding staff who are willing to go that extra mile for their customers. Stockys had my business yesterday, they will have it today and I am more than certain that Stockys WILL have my business for many years to come. I truly thank you for giving me the great customer service that is SEVERELY lacking in many of todays businesses.
- Louis C.

Thanks for noticing Louis! The staff told me to tell you the pleasure is all ours! Many more thanks for choosing to do business with us and for taking the time out of your day to let us know! I buy a lot of gun stuff online and it was that lack of customer service combined with the general lack of gunstock knowledge out there that inspired me to build Stocky's online community. To this goal every new hire has to sit through a week of "Stocky's Stock School" some drop-out right there! I sit here every day and listen, personally coaching them on the phones and answering emails, they are true firearms professionals. I am very proud of how they do what they do and we are always finding ways to improve both product and service.Customers such as yourself are what makes our community the best in the world! Anyone can build a website, it's building and serving a community that we try to do here. WELCOME!
- Stocky

Hi Don,
Attached are photos of the Remington 700 in 7mm-08. It turned out awesome and so far shoots sub 1/2" groups. I will likely be in touch real soon to replace the [other stocks] on my .30-06 & 270. Thanks again!!!!


Excellent job, Dan.Happy to help. I love that Long Range Sporter and the Timber too, have one of them my own self! Guess great minds think alike .... LOL

Long Range Sporter Timber

Thank you very much,

My stock arrived on the 10th and shipping speed was incredible. Service , product quality, and the above the call of duty information made available for the assurance of a good Shipping experience is outstanding. Great Job, Someone obviously knows what they are doing.

Sheldon Harris

(Shown on the left: Christian Toivola's PST083 outstanding custom custom paint scheme. Great job Christian! - Stocky)




(photo on right) I am writing to you guys about the recent Evergreen LRV Stock that I just got for my Remington 700 VS Varmint Rifle. The stock looks and fits amazing!!!! This thing is top notch! It makes the gun feel so much more balanced! Thank you for making a great product at a great price! I have attached the pictures of the gun that you are welcome to use! Thank you once again!

- Andrew Diller

Nice job, Andrew! On the absolutely striking rifle and the photos! Thank you, Stocky

Andrew Diller's LRV Evergreen
Remington 700 w/ 2956 A# Bell & Carlson

I just wanted to say thanks for my new B&C Medalist A3 Tactical stock. It has transformed my Remington 700 SPS Tactical .308 into a "custom" tack driver that all of my shooting buddies are envious of! Fits it like a glove, and tightened group sizes to under 1/2" at 100 yards. Great deal on an outstanding product. Feel free to use my attached pics in your "customer's pics" section of the website. I can't wait to buy a new rifle just so I can put another one of your B&C stocks on it! Thanks again,
John Allen
Chester, VA

I just received my stock (Bell & Carlson A2 Style Vertical Grip Tactical Medalist Series) for my Remington 700. I knew I was going to like it as soon as I unpacked it. It felt light but sturdy. The Action dropped right in with perfect clearance for the barrel. I tightened it down and went right out to give it a “shot”. I knew I would like it but I didn’t know I would love it. It’s almost like the stock steadies itself. All I did was pull the trigger. It allowed me to put five rounds inside a dime in about 30 seconds.You have made a customer here. You will definitely see me again.
Many thanks, Joel

(photo on right) I ordered this B&C Madalist A2 for my shooting buddy, Stephen Phillips. He was so pleased with it I wanted to send you a few pics of the finished rifle. It looks and feels great!
Thanks for ANOTHER great stock!
- John Allen

WOW! Need I say More?

- Stocky

Got the Bell & Carlson Medalist stock for my Weatherby Vanguard ... fits like a glove!

A great stock! Thanks for your fine selection, great price and awesome customer service!

Best regards,
Evan Bane
Glendale, Wis

John Allen's Bell & Carlson 2092s
Mauser with Varmint Thumbhole Applejack

Charles Daly Mauser action, fluted Lilja barrel that I chambered in .220 Swift, varmint thumbhole stock from Stocky's that I refinished in gloss spar urethane, and a 12X Leupold Silhouette scope. I'm still breaking the barrel in, and hope it shoots as good as it looks! I like the way that Stocky's takes care of business and I get a plug in for you on 6BR, Long Range Hunting, and Weatherby Rifles every time I get a chance. Jerry has bought several stocks from you, including this one for me. Thanks again, Tom

Jim's Long Range Sporter

Don, Got the LRS Evergreen stock today (photo above). Gosh, you were right, these are beautiful! Wish I could afford all you have. Mine is going up to Bob Harts shop tomorrow. He is going to build my next rifle with this stock. I decided on a 30 hart rifle. nothing but the best for this stock. I ordered a stainless lilja barrel for this one. See what you caused now! I can't really afford this build but I have to. You will get a nice picture when its done. Might take a couple of months though. Keep your stocks away from me. Your like teasing a 5 year old with candy. Jim

Jim, alright now, who's teasing who?!?
- Stocky

(Above: Rifle has a #7 Lilja in .30 Hart form our friend Bob Hart at RWHart & Sons. SWEET! Four at right also from Jim Kuplinski's collection: Classic Sky, Classic Thumbhole Forest, Classic Thumbhole Desert, Classic Pepper and the new LRS in Black Raspberry)

Four Laminated Stocked Rifles
Jeff Lasco's Bipod

(photo on left) Very interesting bipod modification on Jeff Lasco's LRS stock. Hope he starts selling the installation! If he does, it'll be linked right here.

Got my stock yesterday. It is the LRV thumbhole that you started producing. It is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!! Finish is second to none. I bedded it yesterday and with very minimal inletting it looks great. I will be ordering more from you in the future. I have one suggestion; if you made an LRV in a non thumbhole cofiguration (similar to stocks on Remington VLS) but with the vented forearm, you would have a winner!! Any plans to do so? Thanks

In fact we do! - Stocky

I've just completed the second 300 yd. round of competition at Plantation Rifle Range using the Bell & Carlson A2 Tactical Stock on my Remington 700 .308w SPS Varmint. What a wonderful combination! I realize that I am limited by experience, and scope magnification (18X) but the gun just feels great! Installation was a breeze! Thank you all for your help in getting me this stock after my misstep in ordering a long action stock! Your patience and perseverance are noteworthy today!

Peter M. Reid

(photo on right) Our Mexican friend Mr. Lusin takes a break from a hard day's 10/22 shooting on his awesome rimfire range south of the border! That's a Woodland Camo 10/22 stock with Aluma-Lite barrel. You can see the Christie magazine release on the bottom too!

Alaskan Wilderness Customs

I ordered one of the Alaskan Ti stocks that you had posted. After receiving it, I bedded my Remington M700 in 270 into the stock. Your product reduced the weight of my rifle by 12 ounces and shrank groups from around 1 1/2 inches at 100 down to an honest 1/2 inch with factory ammo and handloads. The rifle also shoots 6 different loads into the same POI. I just wanted you to know how much I'm enjoying your product and how happy I am with it.  I will definitely use your service for the rest of my riflestock needs.

Thank you.
-John "Dan" Walner

I ordered a stock and barrel from your company on Friday April 17th and received it yesterday evening (April 21)  I followed the tips I found on your website and had it all put together to present to my wife as her very first target rifle.  Thank you so much for the prompt reply, excellent customer service, and an exceptionally flawless product!!!  Here are a couple of pictures of the completed project...

Thanks again for making my first build a success!

Joe A. Escamilla

Joe E's Barracuda 10/22
Alexanders Savage 93

Alexander Blackshear's Savage 93 Pillar bedded in Acraglas!

I put your very nice A2 stock on my Remington Tactical Rifle today and took it to the shooting range.   My ATF buddies thought it looked incredible and it turned many heads at this range.   It feels and functions greatly and I can compare it to other rifles I use with McMillian stocks.   I will always purchase from you in the future and not with McMillian.     Thank You!    It's a great quality product at even a better price.


Don,Kim here are pics,I could'nt happier. Had to float the barrel on the 7mm Mag.about 10 minutes, fit is drop in. .I will shoot both Monday.I will send pics of the targets.Please send me some more cards !!!

Don & Kim,

Thank you for making such a fine product!!!!!
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, it is, Kim one trip to the range and I am out of cardssssssssssssssss..........

  1. Received stock 4:00pm friday
  2. disassemble stock 10/22
  3. Remove barrell,install new .920 fluted (butler Creek Barrell)
  4. Assemble my NEW STOCKY'S 10/22
  5. Trial fit showed barrell needed to be floated ( .20 min. )
  6. Final assembly evrything fit perfect !!!
  7. Sat. morning all I could do was look at it
  8. Sun. 2:30 went to shoot,you can see for your self 1st time out

This is one reason my friends call me "Outlaw"
Thanks again,
Doug Anders

Doug Anders 700 and 1022
Rem 700 CDL Blowout

Just got the stock.....sweeeeet. I have been looking for something to replace my 700 stock for years. matter of fact I bought that rifle 35 years ago new...and pretty much hated the stock even then. The 1970"s Remington stocks were what the were....garish monte carlo, pressed checkering, white line spacers.....those days all manufacturers where trying to save a dime.

Stock you sent looks awesome. I prefer a bit of a hand rubbed I spent 5 minutes with some case's stock sheen and put a little shine on it. The classic lines of the cdl stock....laser..but real checkering, recoil bolts makes this ol 700 look like it should...Jack O'Connor would be fine with its lines.

You may use this as an endorsement....very satisfied, and anybody that has on older 700 and does not replace it with one of these ......well...aint quite right,

R. Donald Scott, Jr.
Vice President
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

Don, this is one of your thumbholes for a Rem 700 L/A. I installed pillars and Steelbedded it for a friend. It's a .300 Rem UltraMag. The picture doesn't do it justice. Made a very good looking rifle. He has a Zeiss scope to put on it. I'm anxious to see the carbon fiber/fancy walnut stock that Jerry ordered.

Best regards, Tom Easley

Tom Easleys 700 LRS
Tim Vaught's .338 Weatherby


The stock arrived in perfect shape, and is just what I was  after. It was worth the wait, and thanks for the great service and price. I will buy from you guys again.


(Tim's outstanding custom Weatherby Mark V "Excaliber .338" with Bell & Carlson's new 6629 Vertical Grip Tactical stock.)

I got it to fit last night - but I will tell you it was not the job for a novice. I had to grind a fair amount of the aluminum chassis away at the front, to allow the stock to accept the factory DBM floorplate. Luckily I had the original Hogue stock to work with and of course various die grinding tools, etc.

The end result looks great. I wish B&C would add the machining profile of the FN with DBM, to their lineup, they could make the cuts in about 10 seconds on their CNC machines and they would sell a a lot of stocks!

- Anastazi Sarigiannis

Anastazi did a great job modifying his Bell & Carlson 2972 to fit the FN Patrol Bolt Rifle, a job obviously not for the faint of heart! But what an outstanding rifle he has to show for his hard work! As a result of his comments we connected with our suppliers and have H-S Precision making us a special run of aluminum bedded tactical riflestocks to fit these excellent rifles. They should be arriving soon.

Thank you Anastazi for pushing us on this and we're sure there will be many more grateful shooters very, very soon. We'll be sure to let them know. Fellows like yourself make the shooting community such an enjoyable place to work!

- Stocky

Andrew Diller's LRV Evergreen