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    verticalgripstocks The origins of the current crop of vertical grip riflestocks can be traced past the AR-15 all the way back to John Browning's .45 Auto.

    John Browning designed 1911 .45 ACP so that the grip would naturally be at the angle from the barrel that most American soldiers would use to throw a punch. This was an evolutionary development from the earliest handguns that were assembled with stocks with far more rearward rake. The same may be said of American long arms, early black powder rifles had little or no pistol grip, indeed a straight hand gripping area that required some rather interesting contortions of the wrist for a modern gunner to even shoot.

    Over the course of the past 100 years this has evolved. No longer must the shooter contort his structure to the rifle, the rifle has been sometimes radically redesigned to fit the shooter. Although some shooters required more convincing than others, nowhere has this become more evident than in the design of the modern AR-15 rifle as well as long range sniper rifles developed following the Vietnam war. As with many new firearm developments, the US Military has led the way, eventually with the rest of the country's hunters and shooters in tow.

    This trend in vertical grip bolt action rifle stocks is now gaining momentum. Nearly every stock designer is incorporating a more vertical grip into their designs, for good reason. Not only is the vertical gripped rifle more comfortable to shoot, but it also comes to the shoulder more naturally, settles on to the target more quickly, offers greater trigger control and faster recovery from recoil for follow-up shots. Even though it sometimes takes an older shooter a little time to "get used to" it is time well spent, lets take a few moments to look at what you may have been missing...

    Tactical Stocks

    As mentioned above, American military as well as police are often leading the world in the use of new and improved firearm designs. Here's a few examples, all available at Stocky's webstore:

    Bell & Carlson 2092 Series

    Bell_Carlson_Vertical_Grip_2092 The Vertical Grip Varmint / Tactical stock (fits Savage 10, Howa 1500, Remington 700) was the first model introduced by Bell & Carlson to address the need for a reasonably-priced stock of this design. It remains one of the best selling models in today's market.

    Bell & Carlson 2094 Series

    Bell_Carlson_Vertical_Grip_2094 For those requiring the full-adjustment of the comb and butt, Remington introduced this best-selling version of the vertical grip stock on their M700 Target / Tactical as well as Weatherby on their Mark V Tactical. It is also available as a drop-in stock from Stockys.


    Bell & Carlson 2956 Series

    Bell_Carlson_Tactical_2956 For those desiring a more traditional appearing rifle stock on their 700 with the bells and whistles of a long-range tactical, the 2956 is an excellent choice. This is also the lightest stock in the bunch.


    H-S Precision M24 Series Fixed

    H-S_Precision_M24_035 The H-S Precision M24 Series is available in both adjustable (below) as well as standard versions for Remington 700 and Winchester 70 actions. Experience proves it to be one of the easiest to shoot, most inherently accurate stocks on the planet if you like the proprietary palm swell.


    H-S Precision M24 Series Adjustable

    H-S_Precision_Fully-Adjustable_M24 Available for the Savage 110, Winchester 70 as well as Remington 700 bolt rifles, the H-S Precision M24 Adjustable is possibly the single most popular stock for law enforcement agencies worldwide.

    Coming Soon: Vertical Grip Varminters & Sporters

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