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  • WTH Are Hawke Optics?


    Want a scope that can set-up for your 6.5 Creedmoor handload at 2718 fps with a Berger 140 Hybrid and a G7 B.C. of 0.3110?

    Click here for the FREE SOFTWARE DOWNLOADS for these scopes! Simply input the ballistic profile of your load into the Hawke Ballistic Reticle Calculator software (Mac, PC, Android and IPhone) or the even more flexible Hawke X-Act (PC, Mac) software and all the aim points are calculated. The reticles have such useful features as hollow posts that don't obscure targets, range finding brackets, illuminated central aim points and hold over aim points with windage bars and dots. There's a reticle for everyone!

    Every so often it is said a blind squirrel finds a really nice nut. Even a Stocky one.

    Riflescope_SidewinderIt will come as no surprise to those with whom I shoot that I'm a serial scope switcher. I've just always had a thing for them.

    Maybe they already know, but dammit, I'm finally admitting it. But while I'm at it I'd also like to confess that, at least up to this point in my 50-plus year shooting career I have been a scope snob. (I believe the two may go hand-in-hand but I can't be sure.)

    Now, a serial scope-switcher you can most likely understand if not identify with. I mean there's a number of uses for various rifles, especially the ones we call "pets." We put them to use at one point hunting pigs from a stand in the Carolinas, then turn right around and haul them to Wyoming for a 685 yard poke at a prairie goat. Which such varied usage it's rare to find one set of telescopic optics that'll find a permanent home on such a rig.Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 5.26.54 PM

    Anyway, back when I was a more normal person - it was also a time so long ago that there wasn't nearly as much selection available, and rarely enough money, so the usual operating procedure was to pick one of the new variable power riflescopes in one of four basic power ranges; 1-4X; 2-7X; 3-9X or 4-12X. If we were really feeling intrepid or owned a 22-250 or Swift, there might even be a 6-18X with an adjustable objective in our collection at some point.

    My how times have changed.

    17hmrblogAs one might expect of one being a gun-nut for so long, I've accumulated a lot of really nice (and some not-so-nice) glass over the years. We're talking Swarovski, Zeiss, Nightforce, Leupold VX-3's and 6's, 30mm tubes and one-inchers, including  lots of Bushnell's, Tasco's, Weaver's, and on and on and on.

    That's where my snobbery erupts for all to view. When all those Chinese scopes began hitting the market 20 or so years ago I wanted no part of them. I would have nothing to do with a Tasco after I had one on a 10/22 fail miserably, so I lumped everything together and roundly dismissed the whole mess of them.

    In the later years rarely could I be seen with anything other than one of the commonly-accepted optical brands, up until a year ago that is. That's when I found myself staring right down the tube of a Hawke, wondering why it was such a well-kept secret.

    To say I was impressed would be an understatement. When I found myself reading their reviews online, I knew I had either lost the marbles altogether, or just maybe I was on to something... inspiration!

    Hawke_Binocular_Sapphire_43mm_GreenI've hunted with a Hawke or two for 13 months now, and taken everything from whitetail, through African game (including a cape buffalo) while peering through a Hawke. Yeah, the glass is bright and clear, the adjustments repeatable and reliable (I keep using them when I switch loads) but the real source of my glee is in the form of the aiming point, more precisely the series of aiming points we call a ballistic reticle. .17 M2 / HMR, .22 LR / SUBSONIC or Magnum, .308 / .223 (and any cartridge for that matter) reticles, you name it.

    Hawke's are among the best, no-brain, easy to use I've ever found. Especially when you plug your loads into their X-Act or BRC software, both free downloads.

    They have reticles for everything from crossbows, air rifles and rimfires, all the way through programmable 1000 yard reticles for the most demanding hunter or target shooter. Sure, if you can afford one of the scopes on the market for literally 5 or 10 times the price of the comparable Hawke or more, go for it! But if you want a solid value in optics suitable for the most demanding conditions, give Hawke a go.

    We now have them in stock. All of them. In the unlikely event we happened to sell out of the exact one you want, it only takes us a week at most to get you another one.  All at prices that won't put a serial scope switcher or any other kind of gun nut into the poorhouse...

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