Bell & Carlson Tactical Medalist Style 5 Fully Adjustable - Remington 700™ BDL , Weatherby® Mk V®, Savage® 10/12

Bell and Carlson Fully Adjustable Stock is the ultimate aluminum bedded varmint / tactical stock for heavy barreled Remington 700™, Savage® 10, and Weatherby Mark V®.

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2098 Remington 700 Long Action-30 Tan w/ Black Web
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Bell & Carlson



Bell and Carlson Fully Adjustable Stock is the ultimate aluminum bedded varmint / tactical stock for heavy barreled Remington 700®, Savage® 10, and Weatherby Mark V®

- Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty;
- Barrel channel can be easily opened to mil spec/ full bull;
- Quality Bell & Carlson Lay-up Fiberglass / Aluminum Construction;
- Length of pull 13.5" to 15.5". It's 12.5" with the buttpad removed;
- About 2" in comb adjustment;
- Weight: 5 lbs.

  • 3-way adjustable butt assembly that adjusts for:
    • length of pull;
    • cant (left/right butt tilt); and
    • height (up/down);
  • adjustable cheekpiece for precise cheek/eye placement to scope;
  • Wide & Flat forend for bench / bag stability;
  • Anschutz-style forend rail (attaches accessories such as bipods, grips, etc.)

The new Fully Adjustable Tactical was designed for extreme accuracy, a perfect fit, plus absolute steadiness!

Remington 700® Specs:

  • fits factory hinged floorplate and Wyatt's Detachable System;
  • Cut for the standard Rem #3 Varmint / Tactical barrel;
  • easily modified for 5R mil. spec. and most other heavy contours;
  • includes the 700 SPS™, XCR™, VTR™ Varmint and Tactical type rifles.

Savage® 10/12 Specs:

  • Fits blind magazine models
  • For 4.40" takedown screw spacing models. Please measure to be sure
  • Cut for the standard Varmint barrels

Weatherby® MK V® Specs:

  • For the 9 lug receivers. These are the locking lugs on the front of the receiver bolt. They keep the cartridge locked in the chamber. Remove the bolt and count them if in doubt. Anything from the .257 Weatherby on up is 9 lug.
  • For the Weatherby® #3 Barrel.  The #3 barrel is their version of a varmint barrel. 
  • For German made models please order with the German Modification

The vertical grip with comfortable palm swell / trigger-finger slot keeps the hand in precise alignment with the trigger for a horizontally tactile squeeze. The flat forend is horizontally square to the line of sight for great stability off any rest right out of the box. Due to the forend taper exact elevation adjustment is accomplished by slight forward/backward movement while rested, eliminating the need to break position for that frustrating, last minute bipod adjustment and/or sandbag pinching, often required with lesser stocks,in order to bisect the bull with the horizontal 'hair.

Embedded in the forend is a blackened aluminum Anchutz style (female) rail. It's flush with the bottom so as not to interfere with rested positions. With the addition of a (male) dovetailed rail, attachment of a variety of rests, bipods and/or grips is a snap. Simply sliding the male rail forward and back allows extremely precise elevation adjustment as mentioned above.

The full-length CNC-machined bedding block runs from the bottom of the vertically-oriented grip through the tang and recoil lug region all the way to the tip of the forend. This not only adds a tremendous amount of stiffness and durability to the stock but also provides an exceptionally precise digitally machined bedding platform mated to the round-bottom of your M700™ receiver.

No more "craning" for a sight picture as the cheekpice is attached to the buttstock via a pair of aluminum rods and allows for more than one inch of vertical rise, an outstanding feature for 30mm tubed / 50mm objective scopes and larger. The rods are securely locked in place with 5/32" allen-headed set screws.

Now, imagine a stock that adjusts to fit you, not the other way around. The Pachmayr recoil pad is attached to a butt assembly which allows for cant (butt "swivels" clockwise / counterclockwise from the center) so it can be set to fit solidly into the "pocket" of your shoulder. Length of pull 13.5" to 15.5". It's 12.5" withthe buttpad removed.

Why spend twice the bucks? The drop-in design is perfect for Police Tacticals and Heavy Varminters alike and will give you the free-floating barrel everyone seeks right out of the box. Snug the receiver screws to the aluminum bed and you'll see what your barreled action is really capable of. If it don't shoot in this unit it ain't gunna!

Layers of hand-laid fiberglass and Aramid mats encased in a virtually indestructable carbon-composite shell results in not only a unit that will take just about anything your duty can present, but one of the finest fitting precision handles available for todays sporting arms. We're proud to supply these to many of the finest law enforcement officers in the nation (ask about our Armorers discount)!

The stock is designed for a free-floating barrel, and is available in all the finishes that we currently offer, including our web and camouflage patterns. Reliable over a temperature range of -50°F to + 140°F and all stocks are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. Warranty card is included in the box with your purchase.

Prior to finishing, an action is mounted to all Bell and Carlson stocks to ensure a proper fit. Any stock that does not precisely fit the factory barreled action is rejected.

#2094 - Remington 700® Short Action BDL (also SPS™, VTR™ & Sendaro™)
#2098 - Remington 700® Long Action BDL (also SPS™, VTR™ & Sendaro™)
#2097 - Savage® 4.40" Centerfeed Blind Magazine
#6629 - Weatherby® Mark V® 9-lug #3 Barrel

Additional Info

Additional Info

Brand Bell & Carlson
Overall Length 31"
Weight 5 lbs
Length of Pull 13.5-15.5
Forend Width 2.12
Barrel Contour .850'" muzzle
Max Barrel Contour can be opened to 1.25" straight taper


Top StockReview by Clyde
This is a great buy Replace a B&C M40 stock with this one on a REM 700 300WM love it (Posted on 1/2/2019)
excellent stockReview by Gary
Received stock and was able to drop in Mark V action in 30-378 immediately with a perfect fit. Provides a floating barrel along with adjustable cheek-piece. It did not feel that much heavier than my original stock. Highly recommend this stock!! (Posted on 12/8/2017)
I love the stock. Everything fit as described with no modifications. I also purchased the Wyatt's detach mags.Review by glen
I would recommend this stock to anyone looking for a replacement for the poor fitting
factory stock that comes with the Remington 700. (Posted on 7/31/2017)
awesome upgrade for your rifle!Review by Josh
This stock is awesome! I got mine in olive green with black web, the stock had minor chips but nothing to get worked up over, I didn't give 5 stars because I had to do a lot of modifications with sand paper and dowels to get my barrel to free float. It almost seemed like they didn't get the groove for the barrel straight or in the right spot. I would recommend this stock for anyone wanting to upgrade from a factory stock. This does make the rifle a lot heavier, if you don't shoot from a bench or bipod it could get heavy trying to hold up for a long time. Great look, very comfortable, and durable stock! (Posted on 9/10/2015)
Excellent StockReview by Gary
I own two Bell and Carlson Medalist tactical rifle stocks. One for a model 700 Remington, and the other for a Savage model 12. Both rifles are heavy barreled and I use them for long range shooting. I received the stocks and other than opening the barrel channel with a rasp, they were excellent. Their addition to my rifles have reduced my shooting groups significantly. (Posted on 7/24/2015)
Excellent StockReview by Peter
I easily mounted my Rem 700 SA, varmint barrel into the stock with one minor tweak. I have a replacement trigger and I need to grind off a very small portion of aluminum for the bolt release mechanism to work easily.
First outing at the range after adjusting for cheek height and LOP I was off to the races. The stock fits me (I'm a taller, longer armed fella) so the extra LOP was really a blessing. It's now much easier for me to get a proper position on the rifle. My Harris bibod mounted easily without any problem. (Posted on 7/11/2015)
Good ChoiceReview by SC
This is the second B&C I have purchased for a customers custom build. They are an ideal choice for the more budget conscious looking for similar features of the $1000 + brands out there without the big price tag. (Posted on 5/31/2015)
B&C has room for improvementReview by Ryan
I was excited to receive this stock for my new "groundhog gun" project. Even though the stock was packaged very well for shipping, there were noticable mold flaws and scuffs. I paired this stocks with a Wyatts detachable magazine bottom metal. Unfortunately the bottom metal/magazine would not function properly (stocky' declared it manufacturers defect) I ended up returning the stock and purchasing a chassis instead. I'm very pleased with the outcome.
Pros: solid construction, fully adjustable
Cons: heavy, lack of attention to finished product detail (Posted on 2/9/2015)
Great Value in Adjustable 700 StocksReview by Donald
Although it uses a hex wrench rather than a thumb-wheel to make adjustments, the overall quality and value makes the Bell & Carlson Adjustable rate a "Best Buy." (Posted on 1/7/2015)

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