Bell & Carlson Alaskan Wilderness / Mountain Rifle Remington Model 700™ / Model Seven™ (7)

Bell and Carlson's Ultra Light Stocks for Remington 700™ and Remington Model 7™ are the ultimate lightweight stock for hunting applications. If your plans include an ultra light this year, this is the one!

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Bell & Carlson



Alaskan 700 BDL Ti Model (#2265/2267)

  • Long Action (2265) or Short Action (2267) BDL or DBM Magnum Barrel Channel (25-30 oz.)
  • Short Aluminum Pillar block for weight reduction (saves 2-4 oz) 
  • As close to the proverbial drop-in fit as it gets!

Alaskan II 700 BDL Model (#2461/2462)

  • Long Action (2461) or Short Action (2462) BDL or DBM Magnum Barrel Channel 
  • Full length aluminum bedding block
  • length-of-pull 13.5"; weight 34 oz. O.A.L. 31"
Alaskan II 700 BDL Model Left Hand (#2463/2464)
  • Left Hand Long Action (2463) or Left Hand Short Action (2464) BDL or DBM Magnum Barrel Channel 
  • Full length aluminum bedding block
  • length-of-pull 13.5"; weight 34 oz. O.A.L. 31"

Alaskan 700 BDL Mountain Rifle (#2465/2467)

  • Long Action(2465) and Short Action (2467) BDL or DBM
  • Full length aluminum bedding block
  • Mountain Rifle Barrel Channel (32-34 oz.)
  • As close to the proverbial drop-in fit as it gets!
  • Think Alaskan II for Mountain Rifles and similar custom barrels. 
  • Length-of-pull 13.5"; weight 34 oz. O.A.L. 30.5"

Alaskan II Model Seven BDL Model (2466)

  • Full Length Aluminum Bedding Block (28-32 oz.)
  • Cut for STANDARD cartridges (.243, .308, etc)
  • Short Mag Model 7s Need Fitting (7mm SAUM, .300 SAUM, etc.)
  • Length-of-pull 13.5"; weight 30 oz. O.A.L. 29.5" 

2950/51 ADL Mountain Rifle Models -
(this model requires fitting / for gunsmiths only!)
- Short or Long Action ADL only. 
- lightest stock Bell & Carlson makes, but
- plan on spending some time getting it on right
- length-of-pull 13.5";  O.A.L. 30.5"

If your plans include a custom ultralite this year, this is the unit you'll want to bolt on!

  • Ultra Light Weight!
  • Mountain Rifle Cut for lightweight barrels;
  • Alaskans Cut for Standard / Magnum Barrels;
  • Streamlined for easy carrying and fast handling;
  • Decelerator Brand Recoil Pad;
  • Raised right handed cheekrest (on left side) will not interfere with lefties;
  • Comes complete with Swivel Studs Installed;

I'll put this stock up against any other stock costing twice as much. One of the lightest and strongest synthetics available at any price. Here's the rundown:

For those seeking the absolute lightest weight with standard calibers choose the 2950 series Mountain Rifle stock. Field reports indicate that fitting is often required so we offer these to advanced shooters and industry professionals only and therefore do not accept returns for this reason. We considered discontinuing them but determined that the more experienced among us should not be made to suffer because some people "don't want to do anything to their stock." They are awesome lightweight stocks, but if you are not prepared to 'do what it takes' to get the 2950/2951 to bolt up to your barreled action please take a pass on the 2950/51. This does not apply to the Alaskans.

If you don't want to open channels on a standard BDL conversion or own any magnum-chambered 700, choose the 2265 Alaskan Ti for lightest weight, the 2461 Alaskan II for a slightly heavier stock with the full aluminum block. Either are built for the heaviest magnum recoil. Short mags use the short action version of either Alaskan stock for a drop-in fit.

The stock is available in all the finishes that we currently offer, including our web and camouflage patterns. Reliable over a temperature range of -50°F to + 140°F and all stocks are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. Warranty card is included in the box with your purchase.

Prior to finishing, an action is mounted to all Bell and Carlson stocks to ensure a proper fit. Any stock that does not precisely fit the factory barreled action is rejected.

Stockys® take: What's not to like? Our most popular aluminum bedded hunting stock for the Remington 700's.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Brand Bell & Carlson
Overall Length 31.5
Weight 2 lbs
Length of Pull 13.5
Forend Width 1.47
Barrel Contour No
Max Barrel Contour 0.7


Huge improvement!Review by Familiar Regular
I thought I liked my old factory laminated stock but wanted something lighter. I didn’t know if the small fore end of the Alaskan II would be something I liked, but I really do! The stock seems to fit perfectly and the whole rifle handles so much better. Major upgrade! Less bulky and more comfortable. Thanks Stocky’s! (Posted on 4/28/2020)
Just rightReview by Matt
Had a 243 AI build done this year and used this stock. Model 7 action, #2 contour shilen barrel. The rifle smith took some material out of the barrel channel to float the tube. The rifle shoots excellent and looks fantastic with a 24” finished length. (Posted on 6/24/2019)
Needed fittingReview by Richard
I have a Model 7 Predator. I needed to open the barrel channel to get a free float. I expected this as the Predator is equipped with a #4 contour barrel. It will now accept card stock between barrel and stock. What I did not expect was having to shim the floor plate, Or the bolt would lockup due to screws being to long and the floor plate would not latch due to being seated to deeply in stock. Went to Walmart picked up a piece of the light flexible kitchen cutting mat and made the shims from this and drilled the holes for the screws. It took two shims at the back of the action and one at the front.
I own several Medalist stocks and all have been great. This is the only one I've ever had to shim. Inlet for the floor plate assembly was cut just a tad to deep.
Hope this helps. (Posted on 2/17/2018)
Very ImpressedReview by houser52
I have a Model 7 that shot groups that looked more like a shotgun pattern than rifle groups. Shots with the original wooden stock and an aftermarket tupperware stock were terrible no matter what bullet weight, powder, seating depth or primer that I tried. From a cold bore, the POI changed drastically from one day to the next. POI was never the same.
I got so frustrated I put the rifle in the safe where it stayed for 6 months. Then I decided to do something a couple weeks ago and try to get it to shoot yet again.
After a lot of research, I decided to give the B & C stock a try. After ordering from Stocky's, I had it in just a couple of days. It's finished really well without any flaws that I could see. My little Model 7 dropped right in but I did have remove a little aluminum material where the Timney trigger safety pivots back and forth. Torqued it down and ready to shoot.
Using my 85gr Sierra HPBT loads, the first 6 shots from a cold bore at 75 yards measured .6" with 5 of the 6 shots touching.
I'm very impressed with the B & C stock and how it turned the little Model 7 into a rifle that I can feel confident enough to take deer or coyote hunting. I just was about ready to sell or give away the rifle. Now I can put to good use. (Posted on 12/22/2017)
2466 reportReview by Keith
I just shot a witnessed 3/4 MOA 4 shot group, three shots touching, with this stock on my Remington Model 7 in .300 SAUM with standard (old) factory ammo, 180 gr. Partitions. Great improvement and a fine stock! (Posted on 11/7/2017)
excellentReview by Tommy
perfect fit ,great stock, thx (Posted on 8/15/2016)
Very nice stockReview by Elkhunter35
Stock fit perfect. I put it on a factory Remington 700 in 300 RUM and gun shoots .67 moa. It's not as light as the factory sps stock but very close. I did need the longer screw. The gun balances really nice now, shoots great, and looks great. I will order more of these from stockys for my other Remingtons. (Posted on 5/23/2016)
AwesomeReview by Kelvin
Purchased the Bell & Carlson Alaskan TI for my Rem 700 204 last winter. Tightened up the groups and turned the gun into a very consistent shooter. I had to do some very minor trimming to make it fit - Love that stock!! First Coyote of the season - one shot at 474 yards. One dead dog!
Also purchased a full block version for my Rem 700 DBM in 7 Mag. Needed a little trimming on the bottom of the stock for the clip to fit properly. But again I just Love these stocks. (Posted on 10/27/2015)
Great fitReview by Brett
Stock fits almost exactly as the original so it is a drop in just as advertised. The finish on the stock is amazing. The stock was also so light I couldn't believe there was an aluminum block in it. Stocky's customer service throughout this purchase was 2nd to none. Bell and Carlson does not include longer bolts which aren't necessary but very helpful. Stocky right away sent them right out for free. Love the stock and love the company. (Posted on 9/7/2015)

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