Stocky's® Accublock® EuroMatch™ Adjustable Cheekpiece Laminated Stock Remington 700™ BDL With Aluminum Bedding Block Long Action Cobalt

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All EuroStocks™ feature full OEM-quality fit and finish, stippled laser-engraved checkering on the fore and grip and a nice, 1" thick, vented recoil pad. 

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This stock is for the Remington 700 BDL long action with the heavy varmint contour barrel. It is inlet for the factory Remington varmint contour.  There are some minor cosmetic issues so that is why it is being discounted. 


Several years ago we were approached by Europe's largest manufacturer of fine OEM (factory) wooden stocks - laminates, walnut and even maple - to be their exclusive aftermarket distributor in the U.S.A.. These folks make everything from simple military stocks to the finest exhibition-grade walnut stocks in the world. Beretta®, Krieghoff®, Blaser®, Weatherby®, Benelli®, Merkel® - the finest sporting arms in the world, many selling well into the 5-figure range, are stocked with their stocks.

They explained to us that although they have been supplying these stocks to European and American manufacturers since 1937, they have never done anything in the aftermarket. We knew you guys and gals would want some of the finest stocks in the world so Stocky's® EuroStock™ Accublock® 700 was born soon thereafter.

EuroMatch™ specifications:

  • Nominal Weight - 3 lb 6 oz (Both the Target and Match models weigh the same)
  • Length Overall - 32"
  • Length Of Pull - 13.5" 
  • Forend Width - 2 3/8"
  • Cheek Rise - up to 1"
  • Barrel Channel - Varmint/Sendero (fits sporters, too.)
  • Cheek height adjustable for scoped rifles in low, medium or high rings.

Also included -There's nothing more frustrating than getting your new stock in and not having the right stuff for assembly so we've identified and included everything you need to just drop your stock in and go shooting:

  • Hardened steel allen-head takedown screws.
  • 5/32" allen - for the takedown screw and cheek adjustment

Stocky's® Take: The selection, fit and finish are exactly what you'd expect from a premium OEM supplier, simply outstanding. In fact I would venture to say these are the finest wooden production stocks in the world, certainly better than we've seen in a very long time - I'm thinking back to the old days. They're that nice.

The design of our Euro 700™ Accublocks® are unique to the industry. The blocks are machined in place so you can be assured of a great fit every time. The laminated wood is the best in the world, you'll notice it right off in the color and clarity. The finish is fully the equal of the best factory rifles on the market, it is in fact the exact same OEM finish.

The overall silhouette design started with our domestic Long Range Target Accublock®, but we wanted to do something really special considering their pedigree. So we added some subtle style to the comb, stippled laser engraving on the grip and forend, but where we really departed from convention lies in the forend. Look closely and you'll see our trademark "swoosh" at the rear of forend gripping area (like the M50 Accubock®), but instead of leaving the top (barrel) flats thick and chunky like most manufacturers would, we tapered it gracefully up to the top flats embracing the Rem Varmint - Sendero barrel channel. Same with the forend tip.

Striking good-looks aside, what this accomplishes is also unique to the industry, a one-size-looks-great free float for any barrel from the Standard Sporters, through the heavier Magnum Sporters (shown: right), Senderos and 700 Varmint barreled rifles. One thing that surprized me when we brought out the Long Range Target Accublock® stock more than a decade ago was how many shooters used them for their sporters, so we made it work a lot better this time. Virtually any 700 barrel up to varmint will look and perform great, including the PROOF Research® Sendero Lite tapers. 

Bottom metal-wise of course standard BDL hardware works great, but we also made sure these stocks would work well with (my favorite) the H-S Precision® DM system. If you are building a custom rifle, check them out.

One more note: since wooden stocks use the screw-in type swivel studs, we recommend epoxying the studs in for heavy use, especially the bipod stud.


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