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  • Jewell Trigger Winchester 70

    Self-contained replacement trigger module provides outstanding reliability, function, and performance for benchrest, varminting, and other types of precision shooting. All internal components are CNC machined from stainless steel, then heat-treated to Rc 58 for extended service life. Adjustment screws are fitted with a nylon insert to maintain your trigger settings without using thread locking compounds. Single-stage design is three-way externally adjustable, eliminating the need to remove the barreled action from the stock to set pull weight, let-off, or overtravel.

    Winchester Hunter Varmint Rifle (WHVR) fits both Pre- and Post ‘64 Winchester M70 rifles, right- and left-hand actions which were manufactured in New Haven CT. It WILL NOT fit the MOA trigger group rifles made since 2008. Uses existing safety.

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  • Jewell Trigger Remington 700™ Hunter Varmint Rifle

    Your trigger is at least as important as the stock and barrel if you are looking to get the best accuracy because it allows you to fire without disturbing the sight picture.

    If you're tired of yanking on a heavy "lawyer" trigger this is Stocky's #1 choice for a "kitchen table" factory rifle trigger upgrade. Less expensive triggers are available aftermarket, but the Jewell is not only the standard by with others have been judged for many years, but also among the easiest to install and trouble-free to use.

    We offer it pre-set for a 2.5 lb pull. The trigger pull can be adjusted from 1-1/2 oz to 3 lbs using the included springs.

    Fits the Remington 700 and 40X rifles, right hand only. The drop-in, stainless steel trigger face is smooth and measures 0.181" wide. Installation is pretty straight-forward, but for those without experience gunsmith installation is recommended as with any trigger.

    • Available for right or left hand rifles.
    • Once installed, trigger can be fine tuned without disassembly.
    • Stainless Steel construction is virtually maintenance free.

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