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  • Jewell Trigger AR 15

    The Jewell 2 Stage is one of the best shooting triggers on the market for long-range sniping with an AR. At the slightest touch it moves rearward to the weight you set the second stage, then breaking like a glass rod with a twitch of your finger. For rapid-fire its more than acceptable, for precision shooting it is unsurpassed.

    This quality two-stage trigger allows sear engagement and trigger pull weight adjustment from the top of the lower receiver without disassembly of the firearm. Includes trigger, trigger spring, disconnector, hammer and hammer spring. This trigger features a 1 to 7 lb range of pull. Not recommended for use with military rifles. Careful adjustment required, tools and detailed instructions included. Gunsmith fitting highly recommended, but most advanced hobbyists can do it also.

    AR-15 Hammer and Trigger Pin Dimensions:
    Some Colt® AR type rifles have been manufactured with hammer and trigger pins and holes which are approximately .176" in diameter. These are referred to as "large pin" Colts. This was done to eliminate the chances of someone putting M16 fire control parts into an AR receiver. This is not found in all Colt models, just some. All other AR type rifle manufacturers have stayed with the .156" diameter hammer and trigger pins and holes, or "small pin" which is the same spec used in all military M16 rifles. Measure your pins or the holes in your lower receiver to determine if you have a "small" or "large" hole Colt® AR

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  • Jewell Trigger Remington 700 Hunter Varmint Rifle

    Your trigger is at least as important as the stock and barrel if you are looking to get the best accuracy because it allows you to fire without disturbing the sight picture.

    If you're tired of yanking on a heavy "lawyer" trigger this is Stocky's #1 choice for a "kitchen table" factory rifle trigger upgrade. Less expensive triggers are available aftermarket, but the Jewell is not only the standard by with others have been judged for many years, but also among the easiest to install and trouble-free to use.

    We offer it pre-set for a 2.5 lb pull. The trigger pull can be adjusted from 1-1/2 oz to 3 lbs using the included springs.

    Fits the Remington 700 and 40X rifles, right hand only. The drop-in, stainless steel trigger face is smooth and measures 0.181" wide. Installation is pretty straight-forward, but for those without experience gunsmith installation is recommended as with any trigger.

    • Available for right or left hand rifles.
    • Once installed, trigger can be fine tuned without disassembly.
    • Stainless Steel construction is virtually maintenance free.

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