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National Shooting Sports Foundation StockysStocks.com Mission: To promote, enhance and expand the enjoyment of the art and science of accessorizing modern rifles and shotguns with a focus not only on the experienced shooter, but also by keeping it simple enough for the average shooter with a normal amount of experience in the field.

We intend to accomplish this through the personalization, accuracy enhancement and functional improvement; by mainstreaming the distribution of America's best products with accelerated availability, public education facilitating the ease and practicality of their use while innovating new product development where needed; by popularizing the shooting sports industry as a whole and shoring up its manufacturing base individually.

Equally important is our active support ofthe Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, and its champions, therefore guaranteeing our freedom and our childrens to do so now and in the future.

When you select Stocky's® a portion of every purchase is spent supporting the NRA (Benefactor Life) and the National Shooting Sports Foundation, promoting a better understanding of and a more active participation in the the "art and science" of the the shooting sports industry as a whole as well as the health of the aftermarket gunstock industry specifically. We could not keep our constant path of innovation alive without you. More details are below ....

All of Stocky's® sites are now owned and operated by Stocky's® LLC, we have been retailing online for almost 20 years now. We are a Factory Authorized Distributor of the lines we carry, in fact many of the stocks we offer are exclusive to us and several of our suppliers trust few if any other distributors to represent them. Our feedback record is outstanding with thousands of customer ratings.

Stocky's® is not a common retailer, we are a community of like-minded individuals, working in concert with aftermarket suppliers, members (customers) and related businesses to keep this end of the firearms industry healthy, happy and moving ahead. Did you know that not so long ago it was almost impossible to find the right aftermarket riflestock? That's where Stocky's® came from, one man's frustration (that'd be Don) as he unsuccessfully attempted to get the right stock for an upcoming hunt. Important details were sketchy, rumors and myths abounded, specifications were elusive and one pretty much had to take what they could find where they found it, when they could get it for what they found they had to pay. I mean, it was a real bummer. Some factories refused to make the enhancements desired (even a decent recoil pad or finish, for example) as they felt they didn't need to. We launched this web site to coalesce our (meaning yours and ours) mutual experience by bringing MBI's extensive dot-com experience & resources (that'd be Don, also) to bear on the problem.

We hope and pray you'll discover for yourself our premise that StockysStocks.com is no ordinary retailer. Our focus is primarily on the betterment of our sport, not some board of directors. StockysStocks.com is simply the central conduit of this effort, you are the driving force behind it. Stocky's® community expertise and knowledge is ploughed right back into research and development, expanding inventory, etc. as you may have noticed; the flurry of cutting edge products we have been able to bring to market and keep them in-stock with your support the past few years is no accident.

Anyone can slap up a website there days. There some unscrupulous individuals that copy nearly every move we make. Stocky has actually busted them following him around at industry events, trying to see what we like so they can try to get it and sell it for $5 less. We find their cookie-cutter web sites to be less than professional, as they must rely on our experience and technical support so they can rely only on undercutting the responsible dealers. We have even had customers call demanding we answer questions, give them tips on fitting and even the general use of their new stock even though they made the purchase from this or that knock-off site. They discover the hard way that that the five-or-ten bucks they thought they saved is what makes everything else, all the support, expertise, product development, website updates, etc., possible. If you are one of these people you should know: Our policy is to NOT support other sites sales. If you attempt this and we become aware of it you will be barred from all future sales on our site, including and especially our exclusive products.

What do you do for a living? If you're a gunsmith, how would you feel about engineering the plans for a new rifle build with guy, then having what was represented as a new customer take your recommendations to the guy down the street to save 2%? This applies to nearly every profession. If you wouldn't want it done to you, why would you do it to someone else?

When you "use" our site and our staff for their expertise and purchase something elsewhere, you are only hurting this long-term effort, you are not getting a 'better deal.' Remember, just a few short years ago you couldn't get a fraction of what we offer online, product, service or support-wise. When you participate in this unethical activity you are hurting the riflestock community, not 'getting one up on a big retailer.' As anyone that has done business with us will testify we are straight-shooters and everyone expects you are too. Bear in mind the gunstock business is a small manufacturing industry, not a huge publicly-traded import business with bottomless bins and deep pockets. Everything we sell is American made by American small businesses employing American craftsmen and women trying to feed their families and keep their gunstock businesses going in these trying times. By supporting Stocky's®, you are doing your part to help, as we have helped several manufacturers keep things going in the last couple years by making large inventory purchases when they needed it most. Everything is warehoused in our warehouses right here in the good ol' USA. We can walk right down the isle and unbox it, touch it, report on its individual characteristics while you are right on the phone, if you want us to. How many dot-coms can say that!

Although some sites charge for membership, you are considered a member of our community by simply wanting to be, interacting with us, emailing a suggestion or question, or of course by making a purchase. Our site as a community because we are all in this together, interacting, listening, offering and receiving feedback, constantly making improvements, product refinements, new product introductions and ever more competitive pricing as our influence and purchasing power improves with time, volume, membership and experience. We don't want to sell every gun part known to man, we want you to have affordable access to the best hand-made gunstocks with the technical expertise to choose the right one, novice or expert, and mount it correctly.

We have been extremely successful bringing new shooters into the gunstock aftermarket, with over half of the stocks we ship are to someone we've shipped to before (repeat customers). Once a shooter discovers the high level of satisfaction, enjoyment and shot-to-shot accuracy to be had thru the simple installation of the perfect riflestock, it tends to be addictive as well as contagious. Eventually, if you are like many of us, you wouldn't think of shooting a new gun without it! We highly recommend you spend a few moments to browse our Customer Service as well as our Technical Section and other pages that Stocky has written to enhance your understanding and enjoyment of the shooting sports. And don't forget to keep the input as well as your photos coming.

We also practice what we preach. We are members of and contributors to the National Shooting Sports Foundation and authorized recruiters for the National Rifle Association. Our president, Don Bitz (a.k.a. Stocky), is an avid upland, waterfowl and big game hunter, extremely competitive shooter, and himself a Life Benefactor of the NRA. Many of the items we offer on these pages have been personally tested and selected for quality, fit and function by Mr. Bitz.

NRA MembershipIf you give us a call Kim or her sister Jessica will most likely answer the phone as well as most of your questions, with the more technical inquires handled by Stocky. I have to say they been key employees several years running and both know a great deal more about restocking popular rifles than almost anyone else I know. You can be confident in her suggestions. Jessica and Kim also supervise inventory control, shipping and receiving, in other words being certain your stock is ordered, packaged correctly and shipped in a timely manner. 

All photography, web design and development is done in-house so be sure to add us to your favorite sites & stop by often, content changes daily sometimes several times per day as many of these these unique, hard-to-get units arrive! You'll find the "out the door" price on this site the lowest you'll find anywhere.

Located in the "Gunshine State" of Florida (West Palm Beach) someone is generally online to answer your email questions from 8am to 7pm M-F and several times weekends! (That is, unless, it's opening day of something or other.) Orders are shipped business- daily, usually same / next day.

You can pay by credit card or eCheck online, or print your cart and mail us your order with a personal check (must clear prior to shipment), money order or cashiers check. Personal checks may, of course, delay your order.

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