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Technical Pages:
Why Aluminum Bedding?
Choosing Your Stock
Build A Custom 10/22
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Bell & Carlson Medalist™ Weatherby Style Stocks for Mark V, Vanguard & Remington 700 with Aluminum Bedding - Right & Left Hand Available
Bell & Carlson Medalist™ Weatherby Style Stocks for Mark V, Vanguard & Remington 700 with Aluminum Bedding - Right & Left Hand Available

Bell & Carlson makes this stock for Weatherby. In other words it is the OEM stock Weatherby offers on their entire Mark V and Vanguard line-up. Mark V owners can buy the 6963 and fit their barrel or select from available contours, your choice depending on inventory on-hand and your time requirements. Rem 700 LA owners buy the 2963 for a drop-in on sporters, fit your magnum barrel.

 At a weight of 2-2 1/4 lbs. (depending on model and barrel channel) and the full length aluminum, they are ideal for extreme, hardcore hunting situations. My rifles have remained zeroed in them literally for 5+ years and thousands of miles.

As with all Medalists, Uncle Mikes™ swivel studs are included as is the beautifully fitted Pachmayr® brand Decelerator® recoil pad, arguably the best pad and studs money can buy.

nominal specs (by Stocky): weight 2lbs; o.a.l. 32"; l.o.p. 13.5"

2963 Remington 700 BDL Long Action Sporters (mags with fitting)
6349 Weatherby MK V (9 lug) #2 Contour
6386 Weatherby MK V (9 lug) #2 Contour Left Hand
6498 Weatherby MKV (9 lug) #3 Contour
6500 Weatherby MKV (6 lug) #3 Contour
6501 Weatherby Vanguard / Howa 1500 Long Action Sporter
6505 Weatherby Vanguard / Howa 1500 Short Action Sporter
6536 Weatherby MKV (6 lug) #1 Contour
6556 Weatherby MKV (9 lug) #1 Contour Left Hand
6570 Weatherby MKV (9 lug) #3 Contour w/lug on barrel (i.e. 378 WM)
6581 Weatherby MKV (6 lug) #2 Contour
6962 Weatherby MKV (9 lug) #3 Contour Barrel Left Hand
6963 Weatherby MKV (9 lug) #1 Contour SBGM and Ultralight

With an aluminum skeleton running not just the length of the action but from the bottom of the grip to the forend tip (the forward swivel stud actually threads into it), these are possibly the finest aluminum-bedded hunting rifle stock on the market today, and certainly the best value. Reliable over a temperature range of -50ºF to + 140ºF and covered by a limited lifetime warranty. Warranty card is included in the box with your purchase. Drop-in fit for most standard sporters, minor barrel channel or other modification may be necessary in some cases.

Stocky's take: As you can see there's a size listed to fit just about every Weatherby, if you don't see yours there call. For older German Mark V's, you'll have to special order one with the German Weatherby Lug Modification or do the mod yourself. If you own a .378 or .460 with the extra barrel lug (take it apart and look) we can order one to fit, please call or email. In short, if it's a Weatherby we can fit it with one of these, just have to let us know up-front about any special characteristics.

Weatherby Mark V 6 lug vs. 9 lug: These are the locking lugs on the front of the receiver bolt. They keep the cartridge locked in the chamber. Remove the bolt and count them if in doubt. Anything from the .257 Weatherby on up is 9 lug.

Six-lug receivers are thinner than 9 lug receivers, not shorter (I measured them at a recent SHOT Show), 6 lug units are standard diameter rounds like the 30-06, .240 Weatherby Mag, .22-250, etc.., but please do take a moment, remove your bolt and simply count them.

Weatherby Medalists come in several versions & barrel contours: #1 Contour = 6963 ; #2 = 6349 and #3 = 6500 for example. All of these units have the pressure pads in the tip per Weatherby spec. #1's are easily adjusted to #2 and #3 with ordinary sandpaper (instructions). 6963's are therefore especially popular for those that prefer to float their own barrel. Similarly, if we are out of 6349's in the color you want and you don't want to wait, get a 6963 and float your own barrel. If you don't see the specific unit listed you need please call.

Most folks with Rem 700's are considering these, the Classic Checkered Style units, the Ultra-Lite Riflestocks and the H-S Precision Pro-Series Sporter stocks when an aluminum-bedded composite is in the plan. Standard chambered long action models drop-in for the most part, magnum barrels and the fluted sporters must be fitted (they have a magnum taper), the channel is a bit to tight, but that should be little effort. Not for Sendaros or varminters, the H-S Precision PSV107 we carry is the ideal stock for your 700 LA hunter with a thick fluted barrel. I'll give you the advantages of this stock and you make the call: 1. These are slightly larger yet seem to weight a bit less. 2. They fit large hands better. 3. They look better with big objective scopes than the thinner B&C checkered units.

Bell & Carlson

  Base Price: $366.72 $264.02

Please take a moment to review our informative Tech Support Page and shop with confidence.

The PERFECT add-ons for your new Bell & Carlson Stocks!

M4 Detachable Magazine Systems
Precision Hinged Floorplate Assemblies

Match Your Forend To The Bipod Mount
Quick-Change Design In 3 Heights

Bell & Carlson Online Ordering:
Please scroll down for more detailed ordering, shopping and shipping details.
Most In Stock Orders will be shipped Same/Next Business day (before 3pm ET).
The itemized list in this box is in stock and will ship ASAP:
If your particular model/color is not showing in stock simply enter your selection(s)
into the shopping cart below and check out. Due to our automated order tracking system,
if it is an item that we already have on order, the next available one will be committed
to you in the system. If not it will be ordered electronically and shipped to you the same day
it arrives! We have hundreds of stocks on order and this is the fastest way you can get one.
$366.72   $264.02   2963-Remington 700 BDL "Weatherby Style" L/A, 02 Black -In Stock
$366.72   $264.02   6349-Weatherby MK V (#2 contour), 02 Black -In Stock
$366.72   $264.02   6498-Weatherby MK V Accumark, 02 Black -In Stock
$366.72   $264.02   6498-Weatherby MK V Accumark, 22 Black w/ Gray Web -In Stock
$366.72   $264.02   6498-Weatherby MK V Accumark, 30 Tan w/ Black Web -In Stock
$366.72   $264.02   6498-Weatherby MK V Accumark, 97 Olive w/ Black Web -In Stock
$366.72   $264.02   6500-Weatherby Mark V SA (6 lug #3 contour), 22 Black w/ Gray Web -In Stock
$366.72   $264.02   6501-Weatherby Vanguard L/A, 02 Black -In Stock
$366.72   $264.02   6501-Weatherby Vanguard L/A, 22 Black w/ Gray Web -In Stock
$366.72   $264.02   6505-Weatherby Vanguard S/A, 02 Black -In Stock
$366.72   $264.02   6505-Weatherby Vanguard S/A, 22 Black w/ Gray Web -In Stock
$366.72   $264.02   6505-Weatherby Vanguard S/A, 30 Tan w/ Black Web -In Stock
$366.72   $264.02   6505-Weatherby Vanguard S/A, 97 Olive w/ Black Web -In Stock
$366.72   $264.02   6536-Weatherby Mark V SA (6 lug #1 contour) Accumark, 02 Black -In Stock
$366.72   $264.02   6536-Weatherby Mark V SA (6 lug #1 contour) Accumark, 22 Black w/ Gray Web -In Stock
$366.72   $264.02   6536-Weatherby Mark V SA (6 lug #1 contour) Accumark, 30 Tan w/ Black Web -In Stock
$366.72   $264.02   6536-Weatherby Mark V SA (6 lug #1 contour) Accumark, 97 Olive w/ Black Web -In Stock
$366.72   $264.02   6963-Weatherby MK V Ultra Lightweight Magnum, 02 Black -In Stock
$366.72   $264.02   6963-Weatherby MK V Ultra Lightweight Magnum, 22 Black w/ Gray Web -In Stock
$366.72   $264.02   6963-Weatherby MK V Ultra Lightweight Magnum, 30 Tan w/ Black Web -In Stock
$366.72   $264.02   6963-Weatherby MK V Ultra Lightweight Magnum, 38 Brown w/ Black Web -In Stock
$366.72   $264.02   6963-Weatherby MK V Ultra Lightweight Magnum, 97 Olive w/ Black Web -In Stock

Our online inventory is accurate and real-time. If you order a stock that is not listed above as
In Stock it will ship as soon as it arrives.
Please click here and/or call us at (561) 584-8500
prior to placing an order with questions.
Details such as production schedules, add-ons, action
length, etc. should be addressed now as once the order is placed at the factory we cannot cancel
it. If time is of the essence please contact us to discuss as we usually have several alternatives
available for your consideration.

Sale Ends 5/15/14

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2963-Remington 700 BDL "Weatherby Style" L/A
2963-Remington 700 DBM "Weatherby Style" L/A
6349-Weatherby MK V (#2 contour)
6498-Weatherby MK V Accumark
6386-Weatherby Mark V Left Hand L/A (9 lug #2 contour)
6500-Weatherby Mark V SA (6 lug #3 contour)
6501-Weatherby Vanguard L/A
6505-Weatherby Vanguard S/A
6645-Weatherby MK V L/A
6536-Weatherby Mark V SA (6 lug #1 contour) Accumark
6556-Weatherby MK V Accumark Left Hand
6581-Weatherby Mk V SA (6 lug #2 contour)
6962-Weatherby MK V Accumark Magnum - Left Hand
6963-Weatherby MK V Ultra Lightweight Magnum
6570-Weatherby Mark V LA (9 lug #3 contour w/barrel lug)
Choose Color:
02 Black22 Black w/ Gray Web15 Pink w/ Black Web23 Gray w/ Black Web30 Tan w/ Black Web38 Brown w/ Black Web42 Black w/ Red Web97 Olive w/ Black WebSpecial Premium Color (add to cart seperately)

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  • Custom orders, unusual colors, lengths, etc. take a while (call for quote) and are
    non-cancellable once placed at the factory.



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